Dateline: Where Is Jenna Neulander Now 2022? Leslie Neulander Daughter – Age And Testimony Update

Jenna Neulander was the one who called 911 the day of her mother, Leslie’s death. Her father, Robert was convicted of the murder of his wife. The case is documented in the new episode of the NBC series Dateline.

Leslie Neulander, her husband, and Jenny were the three people in the house at the time of her death in the morning of September 17, 2012. Robert asked Jenna to call 911 after Leslie seemingly fell in the shower and died instantly.

The case took several twists and turns. Robert was initially found not guilty but was later found guilty of his wife’s murder after two-and-a-half years after her death. The court hearing was a topic of interest among a large number of people and the media.

Jenna still believes that her father is innocent and claims that he has been wrongfully convicted. Let’s see about the case and the current whereabouts of Leslie’s daughter.

Dateline: Where Is Jenna Neulander Now 2022?

Jenna Neulander was frequently seen alongside her father during the court processings of the case of her mother Leslie’s murder. But she was not present in the recent court hearing in mid March. She seems to have chosen to remain outside the limelight.

Jenna Neulander is the daughter of Robert Neulander and his wife Leslie, who apparently died in the shower in their 8000 square-foot mansion in a suburb of New York. The case is documented in the upcoming Dateline episode set to air on May 20, 2022, thus sparking recent interest in her whereabouts.

The daughter of the accused and his deceased wife pleaded her father’s innocence, crying that she was there during the incident, when the verdict was announced. Robert, however, was jailed for the murder of his wife.

Jenna Neulander Age Details

Jenna Neulander is currently 32 years old. Her exact date of birth is unknown. She was 23 at the time of the fateful incident in September 17, 2012.

The 32-year-old was not present during the court hearing of her father in mid-May, raising concerns because she was the only witness apart from Robert in their home during the incident. However, the court did not call her during the hearing.

Jenna has a brother named Ari and two half siblings from her father’s side, Brian and Emily. They all testified their father’s innocence.

Learn More About The Case On Dateline

The case of Leslie’s death is set to be the main focus in the upcoming episode of the NBC series Dateline. The episode is titled “The House on Shalimar Way” and is set to air on May 120, 2022.

The episode will air the report from Andrea Canning with interviews from Onondaga County District Attorney Bill Fitzpatrick, Chief ADA Melinda McGunnigle, ADA Sara Fitzpatrick, and more people.

Leslie’s friends join forces to seek justice for their deceased friend, who died in her 8000 square foot mansion in Syracuse, New York.