Murder: Who Is Kristy Hoskins? 

Kristy Hoskins is the murderer of her daughter Kamarie Holland who was just 5-year-old.

Her actual birth date has yet to be revealed; however, she could be in her late 30s.

She had three sons and one daughter following her divorce from her husband.

Kamarie’s father had custody of the child, according to Hoskins, and they lived in Phenix City.


Kristy Hoskins Husband And Family

Kristy Hoskins was married to Corey Holland. 

They were divorced, and they appear to share joint custody of their children. Kamarie Holland, on the other hand, seems to be staying with her father, and she was living with her mother at the time of her death

They haven’t revealed other family members yet. 

Why did Kristy Hoskins killed Kamarie Holland?

Kamarie Holland was reported missing from her mother, Kristy Hoskins’s Columbus house on Bowman Street on December 13th. That night, her corpse was discovered at a vacant home on 15th Avenue in Phenix City that Williams had previously resided.

Kamarie was reported missing from her mother’s home 

On the other hand, her mother hasn’t accepted her daughter’s crimes yet, claiming that she did not kidnap her; in fact, she searched the house but couldn’t find her, so she contacted the cops.

Jeremy Williams, 37, was arrested and charged with premeditated murder in the killing of Holland two weeks earlier because he used to live in the house where Kamarie was found dead.

If convicted, Williams faces the death penalty.

Williams stated that he and the mother had a previous relationship, but he did not elaborate on the nature of that relationship.

According to the source, the girl had also been sexually assaulted, although Williams was not initially charged with a sex crime.

The inquiry is still underway, and officials have worked tirelessly to gather as much information as possible.


Kristy Hoskins Charges Explained

On a charge of criminal murder, Kamarie Holland is being held in the Russell County jail.

She was charged with child trafficking and several murder offenses, including murder in the process of kidnapping, murder in the course of sodomy, and murder in the course of the rape.

Her sentence to prison has been put on hold while the case is investigated further.