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A 53-year-old David Dulin called 911, scowled in torment, and requested assistance subsequent to being lethally injured in Tin Can Hollow in Hurley, Missouri. The occurrence occurred on November 29, 2006, where the dead group of Dulin was found on the parlor floor with a pool of blood.

Likewise, the specialists asserted there were indications of battle, as the house was in chaos with an unmistakable rationale of theft. David Dulin was an inhabitant in Hurley, Missouri, who was severely killed in his own home.

As Dulin was assaulted, he quickly fizzled 911 called out for help where he frowned in torment and depicted “two white men shot him twice in the head” with a .22-type gun.

At the point when the police showed up 25 minutes after the fact later the call, Dulin was dead, his body was lying in a pool of blood in his lounge. The chaos around the house gave an obvious sign of theft.

Before his demise, Dulin gave a big clue to the police as he added one of the two men was “Eby young lady’s beau”. Before long the clue, the specialists began to search for Paula Eby and her family.

Paula Eby had two little girls and a child: Christy Pethoud, Candy Seaman, and Zackary Stewart. With many exciting bends in the road, the case at long last got its superb suspect: Candy Seaman’s ex, Timothy Seaman.

Concerning Tim’s contribution, he expressed himself being engaged with a homicide and being at the location of the killing. Tim and his dearest companion, John Mills. In December 2010, Tim, 35-year-old was accused of first-degree murder and furnished criminal activity.

Be that as it may, he was conceded to second-degree murder in March 2012 and later was condemned to 21 and a half years in jail. John, then again, went through around seven years in jail prior to being delivered.

At this point, David Dulin’s family subtleties haven’t been surfaced on the media. Dulin may be hitched at the hour of his demise. In any case, there is no data accessible concerning his significant other, family, or kids as the subtleties haven’t been unveiled because of security matters.