David Muir Gay Hoax Debunked – What His Fans Believe On His Sexuality?

David Muir’s gay hoax has overflowed the internet. Has the journalist finally decided to come out of the closet; let’s find out.

An American journalist, David is well-known for working in ABC News. An Emmy award-winning TV personality has worked in broadcasting for a long time.

Muir started working as a lead anchor for ABC News in 2021, mainly for breaking news and specific events. The journalist has been honored, awarded, and respected, making him one of the successful people.

With his popularity, it is no surprise that David keeps on getting the spotlight on the public.

David Muir Gay Hoax Debunked – What Happened To Him?

David as a prominent journalist has been facing many rumors of him being gay. The gossips started circulating over the internet, with Muir being single for so long.

The rumors of him being gay broke the web after his reporter friend, Gio Benitez, revealed gay. Previously Muir and Benitez have hung around a lot, which doubted them being a couple.

David gay hoax has been going around for a long time. People have been trying to find out about the journalist’s love life, while Muir has kept his mouth sealed.

Apparently, there has been unofficial news about David opening up as gay and is living with his partner Sean. But, the journalist himself has not spoken about the matter and is yet to get confirmed officially.

David Muir – What His Fans Believed On His Sexuality?

Most of the followers have already made their mindset for David being gay, as he often got seen with his friend Benitez at gay bars. With him not clearing all the rumors, people have believed him not straight.

Muir is famous for his journalism and his handsome looks. That being so, most of his followers are interested in his romantic life.

Most people over Twitter have started identifying him as gay and shared several thoughts on him. Meanwhile, some of his followers are still waiting for him to clear the rumors.

What Gender Is David Muir?

48-years-old David was born on 8 November 1972 in Syracuse, New York. By gender, he is a boy of American nationality.

Muir grew up with his family in Onondaga Hill. He has got one elder sibling and two step-siblings, with whom he is close.

Besides that, David has not cleared about all the tittle-tattle of his sexuality. There is a possibility that he might be a closeted gay and likes to keep his love life private.