Where Are Ronnie Spector Kids Today?

As their beloved mother has taken her last breath on the 13th January of 2022, the children of Ronnie Spector are currently in a stage of grief. Altogether Ronnie had five children with two different men.

Three of her children, Donte, Gary, Louis, were married to famous music producer Phil Spector. Phil also died last year because of a COVID-19 infection. 

After her split with Phil, Ronnie got married to Jonathan Greenwood and had two children. All five of Ronnie’s children are alongside an entire world of music lovers as they grieve over the famous singer.

How Old Was Ronnie Spector?

Ronnie had turned seventy-eight years old when cancer got the better of her. She fought chronic illness for a long time, but now she has finally given up.

The songs from Ronnie peaked in the 1960s, but her fame has not decreased one bit. She is still admired worldwide, and music lovers across the world recognize her works.

She was truly a big loss to the world. We would like to wish courage to everyone grieving by this news.

Who Was Ronnie Spector’s Father? Wikipedia Details Explored

Ronnie Spector was born in 1943 in the Veronica Yvette Bennett in Spanish Harlem. Louis Bennet’s father came of Irish-American descent, while her mother belonged to African American Heritage.

Her father was a very supportive person as he never stopped Ronnie from following her dream and instead pushed her to be better. Ronnie grew up with her sister, Estelle Bennet (1941-2009). Both of them were encouraged to sing by their family and succeeded in becoming very successful singers.

Ronnie Spector has a very detailed Wikipedia Biography that follows all the personal and professional details of the singer.

Ronnie Spector Family

Her family always encouraged Ronnie to take the necessary steps to become a singer. Alongside her sister Estelle, she was always pushed toward singing, and rightfully so, both of them became famous for their rights.

They formed the Darling Sisters, known later as the Ronettes. They performed together locally and went on their separate paths.