Destery Smith’s Net Worth In 2022: Age Height And Girlfriend

Destery Smith is an American YouTuber who has a net worth of $500,000.

He became prominent for his comedy series WTF 5 on Youtuber Shane Dawson’s channel.

The series was a countdown on whatever topic that Smith chose. Some examples are:

  • 5 Most Haunted Hospitals
  • 5 Trends That Need To Stay In 2017
  • 5 Worst Celebrity Wax Figures

The list showed that the countdown was about zany and off-kilter subjects. The series was run on Shane Dawson’s main channel, Shane, until 2018. Smith has been a part of Youtube for much longer than his stint with Shane Dawson and started his channel on March 9, 2010.

His history with Youtube goes back even longer with the channel DesandNate, which he and Nathan Owens started on March 29, 2008. However, DesandNate has been defunct since 2015.

Quick Info:

Age 31 Years Old
YouTuber, Musician
February 19, 1991
1.22 Million

How Much Is Destery Smith’s Net Worth?

Destery Smith’s net worth is approximately $500,000 as of 2022.

His primary mode of income is from his various Youtube channels. As mentioned earlier, the Youtuber has been on the platform since he created his DesandNate channel on March 29, 2008. He uploaded his first video the next day, on March 29, 2008. The channel amassed 841K subscribers and made 77 videos but has been defunct since 2015.

The channel was fairly popular and pulled a lot of views. Of the 77 videos posted on the channel, 30 have reached or surpassed a million views.

The most viewed video pulled 7.1 million views. Here’s a list of the five most viewed videos on the channel:

Title Views
IDEK 9 1/2 7.1 Million
IDEK 9- School Nipples 4 Million
IDEK 8- Valentine’s Love 3.8 Million
Why You Shouldn’t Play with Photo Booth 3.7 Million
IDEK (Who Took the Cookie: A Word With Nathan 2) 3.7 Million

His current main channel, Destery Smith, was created on March 9, 2010. It originally functioned as his channel, while DesandNate was a collaboration channel. He uploaded his first video on March 17, 2010, and has amassed 1.22 million subscribers and made 348 videos since then.

The most views that he has amassed on this channel is 1.6 million. Eleven of the 348 videos he has uploaded on the channel have surpassed a million views.

Here are the five most popular videos on the channel:

Title Views
My Mom Caught Me Having S3X!! [Capndesdes Q+A #38] 1.3 Million

The Youtuber also has many side channels besides his main channel. The first of these side channels, and the most active one, is called HomelessEmoFather. HomelessEmoFather is where he posts his bloopers and vlogs. The channel has amassed 5.86K subscribers.

The channel doesn’t get a lot of views, probably because it is a side channel with a small number of subscribers. The channel has also been active only since November 16, 2019. It has also only received 60,322 views in total. In comparison, Smith’s second side channel, DesPwns, is much more successful.

The DesPwns channel has 151K subscribers. Destery Smith started the channel on March 29, 2011.

The channel has uploaded 578 videos, with the most popular amassing 530K views. The five most popular videos on the channel are:

Title Views
Best Class in Destiny? 530K
When Unstable Portal Works [Hearthstone Ranked Gameplay] 247K
The Coolest Kill I’ve Ever Achieved 175K
New Maps and Heroes Leaked? [Overwatch | Ps4/Xbox] 129K

The channel has not posted anything in three months as of the writing of this video, which might also be because its views are in the hundreds rather than the thousands, which Destery is more used to.

Lastly, there is the Lil_Mi$take channel which has five videos and 204 subscribers. The story behind this channel is a little darker than the rest of his channels.

How Old Is Destery Smith?

Destery Moore, better known online as Destery Smith, is 31 years old and was born on February 19, 1991.

He has been a part of YouTube since he was 17 and is one of the scene kids who were popular in the 2000s. He became popular earlier for his looks as much as his content. Smith was known for his iconic emo bangs that took over half his face.

He was the quintessential scene boy, and many fans, especially female fans, followed him precisely because of his looks.

He and his one-time collaborator Nathan Owen played up their scene looks to their audience to a staggering degree. Though Owen has disappeared from Youtube following the leaking of his controversy, Destery is trucking on and still rocking the emo look.

Age hasn’t stopped Smith from staying true to his scene roots, and the Youtuber’s looks have stayed surprisingly similar to his older days.

His content has changed a little bit too. Instead of the rants, skits, lists, and challenges of his older videos, he now makes whatever he wants, with his content rarely staying the same or consistent in terms of topics and ideas.

His views have consistently stayed in the 10-20K range, which is a far cry from his golden days, but given the controversy he was involved in, this comes as no surprise.

Destery Smith Girlfriend – Is He In A Relationship With Anyone?

No, Destery Smith is not in a relationship with anyone, and given what the world knows about him, not many would want to be in one.

In early February 2021, a TikTok video went viral of a girl claiming she had a frightening experience with a YouTuber she had been a big fan of since 2010. He had responded inappropriately to a Snapchat message she sent him when she was 18.

Though it was not an explicit image of any kind, according to the user, Smith had responded with text messages that the girl stated were inappropriate.

Many people misunderstood the original Tiktok video when it came out. The confusion came about as it wasn’t exactly clear when Smith and the user had begun talking. This confusion led many people to believe he sent her these messages when she started watching his channel in 2010 and not when she was 18, as she stated.

Rumors of grooming and misconduct started to circulate. These rumors then sparked a wild uproar in the comments as several ex-friends and colleagues of Smith each came forward with their own stories of manipulation, being used, and general disrespect.

One such account was an alleged ex-girlfriend of Smith named Kendra, who claimed Smith had begun dating her before her age when he was over 18.

Someone shared a Tumblr screenshot where ‘Smith’ claimed to admit to dating the girl when she was 15. However, this source cannot be considered genuine as it didn’t come from an account Smith had ever owned.

Reportedly, Smith and the girl had dated when the two were both in high school in Idaho together, and he was a Senior and she a Freshman at the time. According to sources close to both parties and public records, this relationship continued past high school for another year or more.

Another user replying to the original video was Destery’s ex-friend, work associate, and collaborator of the DesandNate channel Nathan Owens. In his Tiktok video, Owens claimed that Deserty Smith had a long history of playing with women and cheating on his lovers.

However, as more attention mounted on his story, many users recalled when Owens himself had publicly dated a 15-year-old girl named Leda Muir, known as LedaMonsterBunny when he was 19.

Someone brought another such account forward via a Tiktok video, where Owens, who had been 21 then, had had relations with a 15-year-old.

Even though the videos were only conjecture, after he and his current girlfriend received threats and attacks on social media, Owens replied to these videos. In his response video, Owens claimed the conjecture was all untrue and pleaded with his viewers, asking them how they could believe something without knowing it’s true.

Many people responded to his response stating where the same energy had gone when he was supporting the allegations against Smith.

The abovementioned video was public only for a few days before Owens deleted all his social media accounts, including every video on his channel called ‘Ahoynateo,’ which had amassed over 700,000 subscribers.

Smith refused to comment on Owens’s departure from social media.

Finally, Smith uploaded a video to his YouTube channel ‘Capndesdes’ on March 12th of, 2021, called ‘my thoughts,’ which addressed the allegations against him.
In it, Smith admits he was a terrible person in his past and was a liar and a cheater.

He followed up by saying that he’s not those things anymore. The Youtuber apologized for things he could admit to but shed no light or mentioned any more severe rumors.

At the end of the video, Smith asked his viewers to hold him accountable and told viewers to reach out to him. Soon after Smith’s video went live, seemingly in response to the video’s mixed reception, he turned off the video’s comments and set many of his social media accounts to private.

Many believed the video didn’t address everything that needed to be addressed. As the situation didn’t die, Smith commented further, saying that no situation is right or wrong, but people will make up their minds one way or another.

He further stated that he was not going to sit here and provide context to all these false rumors to people who weren’t involved in the situation. After Smith made no further comments, many people unfollowed or unsubscribed to Smith’s content. Still, the YouTuber has over 1 Million subscribers.

In April of 2021, Smith began posting regularly and has since released over 12 videos, averaging 30,000 views each.

He has also un-privatized all of his social media platforms. According to a source, Smith has decided to move forward with his career because he knows he is a good person and thinks his fans want him to continue creating.

Some FAQs

Are Destery Smith and Nate Owens Still Friends?

No, they had a huge falling out and now hate each other

Is Destery Smith a Musician?

Yes, he released an album back in 2015

What is his Favorite Band?

His favorite band is Death Cab for Cutie