Did Brian Kelly Killed A Kid? Find More About American Football Coach Family And Earnings

Did Brian Kelly kill a kid? No, Brian Kelly didn’t kill a kid, but the kid lost his life due to his decision. Let’s find in detail what has actually happened.

Brian is an experienced football coach from America and also a state executioner. Currently, he is the head football coach at the University of Notre Dame. He has been serving in the position since December 2009.

Previously, from 1991–2003, he served as the football coach at Grand Valley State University, from 2004-2006, at Central Michigan University, and 2006-2009, at the University of Cincinnati.

There has been news of Kelly killing a kid but, it is somewhat not exactly what people thought. Yes, the responsibility that the 20-year kid died while practicing was on him, but he didn’t kill the kid.

Did Brian Kelly Kill A Kid?

In late October 2010, the incident happened where coach Kelly chose to hold practice outdoors in extreme weather conditions. At the time, a student videographer died when the hydraulic lift he was using collapsed due to high winds.

Before the practice session, the student, Declan Sullivan, had tweeted several times about the bad weather condition. And he was unable to record any usable film.

And, for the act, the University was fined $77,500 by the Indiana Occupational Health and Safety Administration for safety violations. Also, coach Kelly has admitted that he decided to hold practice outside that day.

But, Kelly wasn’t arrested and didn’t face any legal action despite the death of a guy.

The 20 years old guy, Declan Sullivan, was a Notre Dame student killed while video graphing the team’s practice when the hydraulic scissor lift he was on crashed due to high wind gusts exceeding 50 mph.

Brian Kelly Wife & Family

Brian Kelly is a married man and has a wife, Paqui.

His wife, Paqui, is a survivor of breast cancer, and now, after surviving the disease, she has started the Kelly Cares Foundation.

The couple has three children together- Patrick, Grace, and Kenzel. And, his parents are Paul Kelly, Thelma Maitland.

Brian also got a sibling, Kimberly Kelly. And, apart from this, nothing is known about his family and wife.

Currently, Brian’s age is 59 years old. He was born on October 25, 1961, in Everett, Massachusetts, United States. His physical appearance- height, weight remain unknown.

Find His Salary

Today, Kelly’s salary amount is still not known.

He has been serving as a football coach for a long period of time, as it is over two decades. He has got experience and has been working hard, so with the experience he has, he might get paid highly per year.

And, his net worth might be in the millions.

Is He Catholic?

In a Catholic Irish-American family, Brian Kelly was born in Everett, Massachusetts, and was raised in Chelsea, Massachusetts. So, he is a Catholic, as per his Wiki page.

He was a four-year club football player at Assumption College as a linebacker.