Did Emily Maitlis BBC Newsnight Lose Weight? Before And After Photos On IG

There is news that the BBC Newsnight presenter Emily Maitlis is losing weight. However, she has yet to open up about this rumor.

British journalist, documentary filmmaker, and former BBC presenter Emily Maitlis was born on September 6, 1970. Emily anchored Newsnight, a news and current affairs show on BBC Two, until the end of 2021.

She was born to British Jewish parents in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada; her paternal grandmother was a Jewish refugee who had fled Nazi Germany.

She is the daughter of Marion Maitlis, a psychologist, and Professor Peter Maitlis FRS, Emeritus Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the University of Sheffield.

The journalist was raised in Yorkshire’s Sheffield. She received her education at the public King Edward VII School in Sheffield, where she attended Queens College in Cambridge to study English. She was the sole Newsnight presenter as of 2019 who did not participate in a private school.

Full Name Emily Maitlis
Age 51 years old
Date of Birth 6 September, 1970
Birthplace Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Partner Mark Gwynne
Children 2
Profession News Presenter, Journalist

Did Emily Maitlis BBC Newsnight Lose Weight?

The rumors that Emily Maitlis from BBC Newsight has lost weight are spreading right now. But she hasn’t responded to these rumors in the open.

People questioned whether the journalist had lost weight after seeing several online images. Her body appears to change every time she changes her clothing. Her total weight, nevertheless, also seems to be influenced by her age.

Emily loved theater and wanted to direct plays but chose to pursue a career in radio broadcasting. She produced films in China and Cambodia before entering the media field. She worked for the NBC television network, headquartered in Hong Kong.

She has built up her name and reputation throughout her career. She earned an honorary doctorate from Sheffield Hallam University in 2012 and was named Network Presenter at the RTS Television Journalism Awards in 2019 and 2020. In 2020, she was also given the German Hanns Joachim Friedrichs Award.

Emily Maitlis’ Husband And Net Worth In 2022

Emily Maitlis is married to her loving husband, Mark Gwynne. He is a Catholic investment manager. Maitlis’ net worth is around 2 million dollars in 2022.

While Maitlis was working in Hong Kong, she met Mark. While on vacation in Mauritius in 2000, she asked her love of life to marry her. Milo and Max are their two boys, and they reside in London. She is a dedicated runner and a celebrity ambassador for WellChild.

After being engaged for a short while, the couple wed in a grand ceremony. Emily and Mark arranged a Catholic-Jewish ceremony to honor their respective religions. She is fluent in Mandarin and has some Spanish, Italian, and French knowledge.

Emily’s yearly salary is £325,000. Her profession as a journalist, newsreader, and documentary producer, which has so far brought in a reasonable sum of money, provides her with most of her income. She was among the top 10 BBC presenters in 2019 and earned between £260,000 and £329,999.

What Happened To Emily Maitlis?

As Emily Maitlis announced her resignation from the BBC, her fans were curious about what had happened to her. But, there is a piece of good news and bad news for the viewers of BBC that she is lovely but has signed with another organization called Global.

Presenter Emily Maitlis has quit the NewsNight show after 20 years of service with the BBC. She announced her decision to resign from her position as the main anchor of

A journalist explained on Twitter why she chose to leave just as she began working on a brand-new podcast and radio program for Global and LBC. Emily found it difficult to leave the broadcaster after a spectacular 20 years of service.

The political journalist has revealed that she will work with Global to launch a brand-new podcast alongside her BBC colleague Jon Sopel.