Did Luke Nguyen Suzanna Boyd Split? Details On Everything

Suzanna Boyd, the then partner of Luke Nguyen, is an Australian photographer. Here’s what you need to know about Suzanna.

Suzanna Boyd is the first wife of Luke Nguyen. Later after years of marriage, the couple got divorced and lived a separate life.

She is a photographer by profession. Luke is a Vietnamese-Australian chef; he is best known as a host of different television series.

Luke is also a judge in the television series ‘MasterChef Vietnam.’ He made his appearance as a guest judge in MasterChef Australia.

Not only that, Luke host a food documentary where he basically travels and goes for a food hunt.

Suzanna Boyd: Luke Nguyen Wife?

Suzanna Boyd is the ex-wife of Luke Nguyen. The couple split years after their marriage.

Before the divorce, Luke and Suzanna lived together in Sydney. During that time, luke opened his first restaurant Sydney eatery and Red Lantern.

In 2009, Luke and his then partner Suzanna started a foundation, ‘Little Lantern Foundation’ in Hoi An. This project provides training to the disadvantaged kids in Vietnam in the art of hospitality.

After the couple got split, and years after that, Luke married a reporter named Lynniiee Oi Lynne, together they had twins, and on the other hand, Suzanna became an invisible person.

She lived a lowkey life and is not active on any sort of social media platform.

Suzanna Boyd Age

Suzanna Boyd’s age is around 30-40 years. Her personal information is all hidden from social media platforms. So, we have no clue about her age, weight, or height.

Her personal details are kept hidden from the public.

Suzanna Boyd Family and Background

The information regarding Suzanna’s family or her background has not been mentioned on any professional websites.

She is like a mystical woman; her information is not mentioned anywhere. We are unable to gather information related to the Suzanna family and her personal life.

Suzanna Boyd Net worth

Suzanna Boyd’s net worth has not been verified yet. She is a professional photographer so we can assume her earning.

Boyd does earn enough for her living. She kept her personal and professional lives discrete.

Is Suzanna Boyd on Instagram?

Unfortunately, Suzanna is unavailable on Instagram and other social media platforms.

She is not fond of sharing her personal life with the public. She better prefers to stay low and live a peaceful life.

Suzanna seems to be busy with her career.