Django Walker

Django Walker is an American musician. He is a Texas Country singer-songwriter and the frontman for the Django Walker Band. The other member of his band was the legendary Texas- country singer Jerry Walkers, who was also his father.

Unfortunately, Jerry had passed away on this very day of October 23 due to throat cancer at the age of 78.

Name Django Walker
Birthday August 28, 1981
Age 39
Gender Male
Height 5 feet 8 inches
Nationality American
Profession Singer
Parents Jefferey Walker and Susan Walker.
Instagram @djangowalker
Twitter @djangowalker

10 Facts on Django Walker

  1. Django Walker was born on August 28, 1981, as Django Cody Walker. He was born to his parents Jerry Walker and Susan Walker.
  2. His father Jerry Walker was battling cancer for a long time. However, he made a public announcement in 2017 addressing that he was diagnosed with throat cancer.
  3. We can find his official bio on his Wiki page. His bio includes his career, musical style, and a part of his personal life.
  4. What is Jerry Jeff Walker’s Son’s Age? According to his profile, Django is currently known to be 39 years old with a height of 6 feet 8 inches.
  5. Django grew up with a sibling in his hometown of Texas. His sister goes by the name of Jesse Jane.
  6. Django wrote his first song at the age of 16. The song was named The Road You Choose, which he also performed live on many occasions in his father’s show.
  7. According to our reports, Django is not married to this date even at the age of 40. He is not known to have any relationships or a wife in the past.
  8. Moving to his wherewithal, there is not a published estimation of Django’s net worth. However, his father Jerry was estimated to be worth $3 Million USD.
  9. Django’s most preferred instrument is the guitar which he learned at the age of 13. However, he can also play harmonica and keyboard as well.
  10. His fans can find Django on Instagram @djangowalker. And he is also active and interactive on Twitter @djangowalker as well.