Do You Know Why The Apple Logo Has A Bite Out Of It?

Apple’s logo is one of the most iconic brand logos out there. Have you ever sat back to wonder why they didn’t use a whole Apple, and what exactly the significance of the partly eaten Apple is?

More than often, logos have a story behind it and today, we might finally answer the question…

Why is there a bite out of the apple?

The Apple brand logo was designed in 1977 by Rob Janoff when he was approached by Regis McKenna to be his art director. Janoff was tasked to design the logo for Apple Computer. Since then, a number of stories have emerged about the famous logo. However, he explained the Apple bite in an interview held in 2009.

According to him, he added the bite to the logo design just for scale, i.e., so people get that it was an apple not a cherry. He also mentioned that taking a bite out of an Apple is an experience most people have had, and one that also cuts across several cultures and societies.

After he was done implementing the design, he was taught about the computer term – byte – by his creative director, and byte just happens to be a homophone of the word bite. Somehow, the entire design inspiration started to make a whole lot more sense to him.

So, the Apple logo byte is only there to let people know its an apple and not a cherry.