Does Jon Hamm Have A Wife And What Are His Height & Age?

While some celebrities were able to forge careers in the entertainment industry without having to struggle, people like Jon Hamm, who is best recognized for his role in Mad Men found it rather difficult getting any good job. Jon owes his initial struggling days to his physical appearance which makes it hard for anyone to guess Jon Hamm’s age since he has always looked older. The emerging celeb took to odd jobs like serving tables, in a bid to put food on his table; he even took up employment as a set designer working for an adult movie.

As he got more and more frustrated with the way his life was going, Jon Hamm set a deadline with his 30th birthday for achieving some form of a foothold in the world of entertainment. The handsome actor is remarkable for his inherent capability to soften an otherwise aggressive character, and with his artistic talent and prowess, Jon could derive humor in the roles he portrays.

His acting career has seen the American national appearing in a good number of movie roles and television shows, earning some prestigious awards and commendations in the process. Notable among them is the Golden Globe awards which he won in Best Actor category twice in 2008 and 2016. This write up will focus on Jon Hamm’s age, height and spouse.

What is Jon Hamm’s Age?

The records captured the actor’s date of birth as the 10th of March 1971, which puts Jon Hamm’s age at late his late forties. He is an American citizen born as Jonathan Daniel Hamm in St. Louis, Missouri. From what is perceivable, he is the only artistic person in his family as both his parents were all engaged in mundane professions. While the actor’s mum Deborah Hamm functioned as a secretary, Daniel Hamm his dad was involved in a family trucking company. Jon grew up alongside two sisters Julie Schulte and Jennifer Hinze.

His parent’s marriage came to an end when the young Jon turned two, thus he was taken to St. Louis County located in Creve Coeur, Missouri to live with his mum. After his mother died from the complications of colon cancer, the then 10-year-old Jon relocated to Clayton, Missouri to stay with his dad who died when he was 20.

Jon Hamm was a student at John Burroughs School located in Ladue, Missouri where he took an active part in swimming, football, and basketball. His first grade saw the upcoming actor portraying Winnie the Pooh. At the age of 16, Jon was handpicked to participate in the drama Godspell as Judas.

By 1989, he was already admitted into the University of Texas where he proceeded to join the Sigma Nu fraternity – the Upsilon Chapter. Jon later moved over to the University of Missouri where he got a role in A Midsummer Night’s Dream in response to an advert. Upon his graduation in 1993, and armed with a Bachelor of Arts degree, he went back to his high school to teach acting.

His resolve not to end up in a conventional career took him to Los Angeles in 1995 with just $150 in his pocket and his vehicle, but Jon Hamm’s age or rather his deceptive appearance worked against him. The journey was quite tough for the struggling actor as his representatives wasted no time in terminating him as a client, thanks to his failure in getting acting roles for three years. In a bid to keep afloat during his trying times, Jon did some odd jobs. However, he later started landing roles after setting his 30th birthday as a deadline.

Does He Have a Wife?

Though he has never tied the nuptial knot with any woman, Jon Hamm was involved in a serious relationship with screenwriter and actress Jennifer Westfeldt. Their dalliance which lasted from 1997 to 2015 was well-publicized. Talking about his relationship with Jennifer in an interview session, the famed actor stated that they may not have had a piece of paper legally representing their union, but after a decade-long relationship, Jennifer became more than just a girlfriend. He went further to say that what they shared went a lot deeper and that they were well aware of the fact.

In Jon Hamm’s opinion, people only exchange marriage vows when it is time to have kids and he has not ruled out the possibility of having children in the future. The celeb duo even went as far as floating their own production company known as Points West Pictures in April 2009.

What is Jon Hamm’s Height?

The celeb actor is quite the tall dude; standing at a height 1.86m, he has an athletic build, sporting a bodyweight of 203 pounds or 92kg. He is a dark-haired man, distinguished with his deep stern voice and magnetic green eyes. Besides, the fact that you can never be able to guess Jon Hamm’s age makes him appear older than he is.