Does Megyn Kelly Still Work For Fox? Bombshell Controversy and Career Diversion

Megan Kelly is an American Journalist. Does Megyn Kelly still work for Fox? Continue reading to know more about her husband and family in detail. 

She is a lawyer, political commentator, host, and tv news anchor from the United States. Kelly co-hosted America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer and America Live during her time at Fox News.

Megan Kelly earned his bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University and his law degree from Albany’s School of Law. Dr. Daniel Ronald Kendall was her first husband.

Does Megyn Kelly Still Work For Fox After Bombshell?

Megyn Kelly’s morning show was canceled by NBC due to the low ratings and controversial comments she made about blackface.

Kelly, the former star anchor of Fox News’ primetime lineup, rose to fame after then-presidential candidate Donald Trump initiated a sexist attack against her.

This happened during an August 2015 Republican primary discussion when she faced Donald Trump about his attitude towards women.

Despite Trump’s statements, she kept building star power at the expense of her refusing to accept down from tough and, at times, controversial questions to powerful figures.

Kelly announced live in January 2017 that she would be quitting Fox News.  She started her morning show “Megyn Kelly Today” on NBC, earning a three-year contract worth $69 million.

Where Is Megyn Kelly Now?

Megyn launched her own production company called Devil May Care Media. The Megyn Kelly Show, a podcast, followed the firm’s launch on September 10, 2020.

The prosecution of former President Donald Trump, institutional racism, and even Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are all addressed on Megyn’s podcast.

Special guests on the show like Ben Shapiro, Tulsi Gabbard, Michael Knowles, and many others are invited to discuss the topic. The first episode aired on September 28, 2020.

 Meet Megyn Kelly Husband and Her family today

Megyn Kelly is married to her husband Douglas Brunt. Brunt grew up near Philadelphia and attended Duke University after finishing at The Haverford School.

He was earlier a director of Idealab and a consultant for the information technology firm Booz Allen & Hamilton.

Brunt’s first book, Ghosts of Manhattan, was published in 2013. It’s about a frustrated Wall Street executive who is fixated on making money, and it’s a Best-Seller.

Prior to that, she was married to Daniel Kendal and got divorced in 2006. Her father, Edward Kelly is a lecturer at the State University of New York at Albany.

Her mother, Linda is a homemaker and comes from Italian and German ancestry. She was raised in a Catholic home and her dad died of a heart attack.

Meet Megyn Kelly On Twitter

Megyn Kelly is active on Instagram at @@megynkelly. She has a verified account with 2.5 million followers.

She regularly shares pictures with her husband and her three children.