DSTV Nigeria TV Guide

To enhance your viewing experience on DSTV, you need a TV guide. A DSTV guide helps you to know when your favorite programs are scheduled to be aired so that you cab plan and organize your daily TV routine carefully.

There are different types of TV guides offered on DSTV.

  • Online Guides-: This is an internet based TV guide that you can use to easily search through channels, dates, and program titles. You can also set reminders online and have a mail sent to you some hours before the show starts.
  • Mobile Guide-: You can also access DSTV TV guides on your mobile phones using a mobile browser.
  • Printable Schedules-: If you prefer a handy TV guide that you can use at any time you desire, then you should opt for a printable DSTV guide that can be printed on the DSTV website.
  • TV Guide APPS-: You can also easily download the DSTV guide application on your computer or mobile phone for easy access to programming information on DSTV.
  • Highlights-: Some of us find it easier to make program choices bywatching previews and highlights. If you want more physical option that allows you to select choices based on what you see, then you can opt for the DSTV highlights TV guide.
  • Movies/Series Calendar-: DSTV also provides a scheduled calendar of all its movies and series to be screened for the month, including dates and time of screening.