Ellen Barkin and Johnny Depp’s Relationship

Barkin and Depp were in a relationship before. However, Johnny has mentioned Ellen as a casual friend. Ellen had appeared with Jonny in the show Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1998. They had acted together in various movies and became a friend at that moment. 

Moreover, on trial, Barkin has concluded that Johnny was never abusive, and he had not physically abused her during their relationship. They had a healthy relationship which ended after the end of the movie. 

Further, Barkin has briefly described their relationship in court. And Johnny behaves toward her. She has testified in court on Amber Heard allegation. On May 16, she will speak in favor of Amber in the libel trial case in Fairfax Country. 

Although she has talked about Depp throwing wine bottles in the hotel room, he has never physically abused her. He is an impatient person when he is drunk. Also, Ellen will testify as a witness in Amber Heard’s case. She will tell the court that Depp was violent around her in the trial. 

How Long Ago Did Ellen Barkin And Johnny Depp Date? 

Barkin and Depp met during the shooting of the Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1998. They had a casual relationship during that period. They had ten years gap while they were kind dating. 

Moreover, Depp mentioned their relationship as casual while they were filming. They were supposed to be a friend at that time. Barkin played a mini role in the movie, while Johnny was the lead cast. 

Wine Bottle Case In Amber Heard Trial

Barkin has talked about him throwing the wine bottle toward her in the defamation trial against The Sun. She has implied that Depp was violent but had not physically abused her. 

Furthermore, he could not stand the situation and threw up the bottle when a fight broke out between his friends and assistant. The incident occurred while filming their movie in a Las Vegas hotel.