Eric Eoin Marques Net Worth And Family: Irish Man Jailed For 27 Years For Child sexual Abuse Images.

An Irishman named Eric Eoin Marques, with an estimated net worth of at least $50,000, was arrested for child abuse images. People are curious about his family and parents. 

Eric Eoin Marques is an Irish-American man who is a convicted felon responsible for extreme children’s sexual abuse images.

He was declared responsible for creating and running an anonymous web-hosting service that contained millions of images of children being sexually abused.

First found in 2013 and finally sent to the United States from Ireland in 2019, Eric is charged with violent sexual crimes leading to a sentence of 27 years in prison.

While people asked why he is charges with such extreme cases when he was only dealing with the pictures, the people got a perfect reply and it is very obvious.

Det Chief Supt Daly reported that his crime was based on supply and demand, and whenever one wanted an image, a child somewhere in the world would be sexually abused.

Responsible for over 8.5 million images of sexual abuse of children, Eric will spend his time in prison now.

Eric Eoin Marques Net Worth: How Rich Was He?

Eric Eoin Marquesprobably had a net worth of over $50,000.

Well, there are no official sources claiming this, but as per our observation, we made this estimation.

He was running a huge web service and he probably charges people for a platform with over 8.5 million images.

Hence, he might have earned a net worth of about $50,000. However, no arrested and charged, this money is surely seized by the concerned authorities.

Eric Eoin Marques Parents And Family

Eric Eoin Marques was born to his parents, a Brazilian father, and an Irish mother, on April 28, 1985, in New York.

Being born in the United States, he and his family moved to Dublin, Ireland, when he was just 6 years old.

Well, there is not much information regarding his parents or any other family members, but we do know that they lived their lives combined in the United States and Ireland.

Eric Eoin Marques Nationality And Wikipedia

Born in the United States and raised combined in the US and Ireland, Eric Eoin Marques belongs to both Irish and American nationality.

Regrading Wikipedia, he is not mentioned on the platform because he is a convicted felon and not a renowned personality.

As per his neighbors in Ireland, he was an odd kid and his childhood neighbor friends said that he was very weird and used to stay alone.

Indeed, during his teenage, he was named a loner and he started his web hosting ever since; but nothing was illegal yet.

When he turned 18, he began the “Freedom Hosting” service where people dealt with child sexual abuse images.

Well, his deeds have finally been all over the media and web, and he will technically spend the rest of his life in prison since he is 36 now and has a 27-yea- long sentence.