Is 1 Guy 2 Spoons Story Real? Reaction On Reddit.

The story following the gruesome video has drawn a debate about it being real or fake. It has yet to be factually determined.

As of right now, many argue it is fake, but few stories have popped up sharing that people are trying to pope out their eyes using two spoons.

The rumored story says that after watching the one guy two spoon video, people can’t control their urge to enact the same incident as in the video.

The rumor has taken its steps in the Reddit forums. Reddit users are have claimed the story as fake until a person shared their side of the story on this site.

 The author shared that he went to the dinner table after watching the video. His hands automatically grabbed the spoon on the table.

His eyes were blinded before he knew it, and the two spoons were forced deep into his eyes.

Find Out About 1 Guy 2 Spoons Scary Story Origin

The actual origin behind the scary story isn’t known to date.

The video came into light out of nowhere. When the video was released, creepypasta was on the trend, and people connected the video story to the creepypastas.

The news article was related to the origin of the 1 Guy 2 Spoons story but yet to be found faithful.

A Mexican family was imprisoned for gouging out their five-year-old relative’s eyes with a spoon as part of a satanic ritual to bring about the end of the world.

Fernando Caleb Alvarado Rios was told to close his eyes out of respect for his mother, grandparents, aunts, and uncles. At the same time, they danced in a circle and summoned Satan.

When he became too terrified to do so, his mother, Maria del Carmen Garcia Rios, grabbed a spoon and the entire group gouged them out.

They were apprehended after neighbors came to investigate after hearing loud chanting and saw the youngster crying in pain.