Fact Check: Is Michael Kovrig Separated? Wife Vina Divorce Rumors

Michael Kovrig finally embraced his separated wife and family after spending almost three years in detention in China. To investigate further into the matter, keep reading.

Michael Kovrig is a former Canadian diplomat whom the Chinese government wrongfully detained.

He got wrongfully detained on 10 December 2018. And after almost three years, on 24 September 2021, the Chinese government released him along with Michael Spavor. On the 26th, the two safely landed on Canadian soil. This news made their families overjoyed while the entirety of Canada rejoiced.

Michael is currently a part of the International Crisis Group’s North-East Asia branch, which he joined in 2017, as a Senior Adviser. Specializing in the intersection of communication, politics, economics, and global security, he researches issues related to North Asia, especially China, Japan, and Korea.

Fluent in English, French, and Mandarin Chinese, he has over a decade of experience as a diplomat, working in twenty countries.

Fact Check: Is Michael Kovrig Separated?

Is Michael Kovrig separated? Not anymore.

With his return to Canada on 26 September 2021 after the detention, he finally embraced his wife, with whom he had separated for almost three years. Besides his wife, he was also separated from his county and family by detention.

Following almost three years worth of separation, he probably felt home on Sunday. The former diplomat finally escaped separation hours later, Huwaei Technologies’ executive Meng Wanzhou made his return to China after almost three years.

The Chinese authorities had detained Michael with the charges of spying. The detention came nine days after Meng’s arrest in Vancouver in December 2018. The release also came in the same fashion – as Meng released, Michael also found his way home.

Hmm, the situation looks shady. Was the detention related to spying, or did the political tensions between the two nations caused it? A report did state that Michael got bail for medical reasons and had confessed his guilt.

Whatever the reasons for his detention may be, the former diplomat is finally home with his wife, family, and country after almost three years of separation.

Michael Kovrig Wife – Divorce Rumors

Michael Kovrig and his wife, Vina Nadjibulla, are they divorcing? It doesn’t seem so.

However, the divorce rumors are there. Probably, Michael’s detention urged such rumors to surface, but nothing to back.

Further, his wife was full of happiness during her recent interview, and the two even embraced as he set foot in Canada. In addition to that, she has been fighting for her husband’s freedom for almost three years.

With all the evidence so far suggesting that Michael and Vina have a lovey-dovey relationship together, the divorce rumors don’t weigh a lot.