Fact Check: Is Rangga Muslim? Details On His Religion And Faith

Rangga Muslim is a football player who plays for Liga 1 club Dewa United as their midfielder and captain.

Name Rangga Muslim
Age 28
Date of Birth May 13, 1994
Birth place Bima, Indonesia
Profession Footballer
Nationality Indonesian

He began his career in football at an early age, and he started his senior year in football in 2014. He was in the club PSS in 2019.

Before signing a contract with Dewa United, he used to play for Bhayangkara FC. He had signed an agreement with Bhayangkara but couldn’t play the season for them due to the ongoing pandemic.

He signed a deal with Dewa United in 2021 and has been actively playing for the club.

Is Rangga Muslim? His Religion And Faith

Rangga is a Footballer who follows the Muslim religion. The footballer has not been too open about his faith on his social media accounts, but he has been seen using the word Alhamdulillah on his Instagram post.

He was once seen sharing his religion and faith through one of his Instagram posts where he seemed to be attending an event at a Mosque in his hometown.

According to Head topics Indonesia, Rangga has shared how it was difficult for him to practice fasting, which Muslims highly practice during Ramadan.

The footballer shared that he needs adjustments during fasting as he usually trains in the morning and evening.

When fasting in the month of Ramadan, it becomes tough for him to go on with the vigorous practice. Due to this, he shifts his approach to the afternoon and evening.

Who Are Rangga Muslim Parents?

Rangga Muslim shared pictures with his parents during his graduation celebration on his Instagram. He also looks happy to fulfill his mom’s dream of success in education.

He seems to have three sisters and brothers as they are present in the family photo. He looks delighted to be surrounded by all the family members.

The footballer has not shared many details about his parents with the media or on social media platforms. His parents seem to support his career choice and encourage him to follow his passion.

He is also a married man who shared pictures from his wedding on his Instagram account in October 2021. He also shared photos of their marriage book during the marriage ceremony.

Rangga Muslim’s Nationality And Ethnicity

Rangga Muslim was born in Bami, Indonesia, on May 13, 1994. He is Indonesian by nationality.

He was active as a football payer since 2013 in his youth. The footballer began his senior year in 2014 by playing with PSIM Yogyakarta and was active in the club from 2014 to 2017.

In 2017, he joined the club Persebaya Surabaya, and after one year, he shifted to another club called PSS Sleman and was active till 2019.

He was seen with the club Bhayangkara from 2020 to 2021. He struck a deal with Dewa United in 2021 and has been actively playing for the club.


How Old is Rangga Muslim?

Rangga Muslim is 28 years old.

Is Rangga Muslim Married?

Yes, Rangga is married to his wife, who married in July 2021.

In which club does Ranngga play?

Ranngga plays for Liga 1’s club Dewa United.