Fact Check: What Actually Happened In Bennedict Mathurin Viral Cheerleader Video? Details Explained

Bennedict Mathurin’s cheerleader video went viral over the internet; while the basketball player apologized.   

Benedict Mathurin, a shooting guard, is currently facing controversies over the video. The college basketball player gained much attention after the cheerleader clips went viral.

Mathurin, a Canadian rising basketball star, recently gave his mind-blowing performance in the March Madness game. Regardless, the player got tangled up in scandals over his actions with a cheerleader.

Benedict has recently apologized for the video clips that went viral while trying to address the controversies. Find more about the incident and the viral clips.

Bennedict Mathurin Viral Cheerleader Video: Fact Check

Bennedict Mathurin has recently become the talking point with the viral cheerleader video. The player from the Arizona team allegedly touches the TCU cheerleader’s chest.

The video has been viral all over the web, with Bennedict getting sunk on the controversy. The clips shortly went viral after Arizona Wildcats won the match over TCU.

Regardless, Mathurin was soon notified about the clips and allegedly made physical contact with a cheerleader. Following the incident, he reached out to TCU athletic department.

While the department is trying their best to look after viral clips and the player’s action, Bennedict apologizes and mentions there was no touching.

What Happened Actually With Bennedict Mathurin?

Bennedict Mathurin is currently one of the most controversial subjects over the internet. His video of allegedly making physical contact with one of TCU’s cheerleaders went viral.

Although the video remains unclear, people have claimed the Wildcats’ player, Bennedict, touched one of the woman’s student chests. Following the viral clips, Mathurin tries to address the rumors.

In the viral video, Bennedict spread his arms; while bowing to the audience in the stand and then started walking in the direction of the cheerleader. After then, the clips remain fuzzy.

Either way, Mathurin has become the most debating point over the web.

Bennedict Mathurin States Touch Was Exaggerated And Unintentional

Bennedict Mathurin recently apologized for the video and his alleged physical contact with the cheerleader. Meanwhile, he also mentioned that the touch was exaggerated and unintentional.

Also, Bennedict added he recalls no contact with the female student while he walked off the court. The player reveals that he sent a mail to the TCU department, trying to apologize to the cheerleader.

As Mathurin mentioned, the touch in the clips was unintentional; several users over the internet have started a debating point over him.