Figure Skater Kurt Browning Settles Down With New Wife Alissa Czisny In His Fifties

Kurt Browning new wife Alissa Czisny is a Canadian figure skating champion like him. Kurt and Alis got married on August 19, 2022.

While their dating status was well hidden before the surprise wedding, it was reported by some news media that they were together for a year. Most of their fans are happy with the decision since Kurt needed somebody to cure his loneliness after the divorce from his first wife.

Figure Skater Kurt was previously married to his first wife, Sonia Rodriguez, a principal Ballet Dancer. They tied the knot on June 1996 and were blessed with two children from their relationship, until things went sideways.

After being together for a decade the couple went separated ways while the reason behind their divorce still remains unknown to his fans and the media.


Kurt Browning New Wife Alissa Czisny Is A Figure Skater Like Him

Kurt Browing new wife Alissa Czisny, is a former Figure Skater and winner of multiple national championships. Kurt and Alissa are in the same line of profession, which could be the reason behind their bonding.

Alissa has been in touch with skating since the age of 2 years because her mother loved ice skating as well. After some years, she started to train in Bowling green, Ohio, with her twin sister Amber.

After winning a silver medal in the junior national event, she never stopped. Alissa was at her peak from 2009 to 2012 since her performance made her Skate Canada and Grand Prix Final Champion in 2010.

After a successful journey, she credited her sister Amber for her achievement. Alison and Amber used to do competition with each other to hone their skills, especially the spinning technique. However, She is not as competitive as before because of her hip injuries, but she likes to coach other Figure Skaters.

She performed in Bridgestone Arena in 2021 for a charity event to help others fight cancer. She is a beauty with a big heart who is happy to help others with her passion.

Kurt Browning First Wife Is A Principal Ballet Dancer

Kurt Browning’s first wife Sonia Rodriguez was a principal ballet dancer from Canada. Sonia retired in 2022 as the longest-serving dancer for the associated company.

Sonia and Kurt married each other when she was 24 years old, in 1996. Before her marriage, she discovered ballet in Spain and returned to Canada in 1990 to join the National Ballet. After performing for 10-plus years, she was promoted to principal dancer in 2000.

While she was a dancer, Sonia and Kurt became parents for the first time giving birth to their son Gabriel in July 2003. Later, they had their second son, Dillon, in August 2007.

They looked happy from the outside but they decided to separate their path around 2010. Their kids live with their mother, but they still meet with Kurt.

Kurt Browning Found New Love In His Fifties

Kurt Browning found some company as his new love Alissa, in his fifties, after a divorce and suffering from some loneliness.

Alissa and Kurt were happy together, even with a notable age difference, proving that love has no limits. Kurt is in his 50s, and Alissa is in her 30s, living a happy life with each other.

They have similar interests as they are both associated with ice skating, and the duo came together because their vibes matched each other.

Quietly dating for a long time and surprising everyone, their wedding was a massive blow to the fanbase, as they were happy to know that Kurt found love again. At the same time, they inspired many others, indicating age as just a number if you love someone with pure intention.

The couple started to live together in Canada and are looking forward to their new start and a prosperous future together.