Former Footballer Tom Matte Died Age 86, Who is His Wife Judy Matte?

Former Footballer Tom Matte Died Age 86, but what was his death’s cause? His wife, family, and fans are grieving now. Let’s explore more about the football quarterback in this article.

Former Ohio State Buckeyes football quarterback Tom Matte has died. He is regarded as one of the best footballers in the National Football League.

Tom was a decorated player; he won the super bowl ring in the 1960s and 70s and was at his prime during his time.

After joining Baltimore Colts, Tom’s NFL stats were promising. During his professional career, he earned a lot of fame in American Football.

What Was Tom Matte Death Cause?

There is not much information about Tom Matte’s cause of death. However, he was in his old age, so he must be suffering from serious health problems.

Journalist Jake Louque has said that he suffered from COVID-19 last year, so he has got issues in his lungs. That might cause him trouble.

So, according to his statement, Post Covid was one of the causes behind Tom Matte’s death.

Popular news websites haven’t covered much information regarding the former footballer’s death. Probably, his family doesn’t want to disclose anything regarding his death.

Who Is Tom Matte Wife Judy Matte?

Tom Matte was married to his wife Judy Matte for more than 59 years. There is not a single piece of information regarding Judy on the internet.

We can’t see her details even on Tom’s Wikipedia page. It seems Tom kept his private life secret; he didn’t give any words about her in the interviews.

Tom and Judy must have lived happily together because there were no rumors about divorce or other gossips in the media.

Tom Matte Net Worth Revealed

During his entire career, Tom Matte must have earned a considerable amount of money. As a Baltimore Colts player, he received a sufficient amount of salary to sustain.

It is estimated that he has collected $1-$5 million.

Now, he has left the world; the net worth will be much helpful for his wife, Judy Matte.

The footballer simply lived his life, and he didn’t want to spend in lavishness.

He was active in donating his earning to the foundation and charities.

Meet Tom Matte Family And Children: Who Are His Kids?

In Tom Matte’s family, he had two children with his wife, Judy. Although he has shared the kids’ names as Roland and Kate, we couldn’t uncover many details.

The Baltimore Colts quarterback always kept his family and personal life behind the shadow. However, we can expect that his children will open up after his death.

Furthermore, during this situation, we express condolences to his family.