Former Substitute Teacher Alexandria Allen Kentucky Trail Update 2022

Alexandria Allen Kentucky’s former substitute teacher is all over the media. See her photos on Facebook and IG.

Teachers are supposed to be the ones who mold their students into better from. What will happen if teachers get involved in illegal activities with their students.

It is ironic how this news comes across that humanity seems disappearing. Alexandria Allen, Kentucky’s former substitute teacher has been arrested for something unacceptable she did.

Learn About Alexandria Allen Kentucky – Former Substitute Teacher Facebook & Ig Photos

Alexandria Allen of Kentucky, a former substitute teacher photos have been shared on Facebook or probably on Instagram platforms. She was arrested for raping her student.

In January 2021, the victim’s mother found her son’s and Alexandria’s photos on her son’s cell phone. The teen’s mother reported the incident to the police after she found nude photos and videos of two of them on her son’s cell phone.

Her son accepted that the two were in a relationship. The alleged rape happened in three different locations, including Hilton Inn in Georgetown.

Meet Alexandria Allen Family – Wiki

Alexandria Allen is 25 yeas old former teacher. She was the substitute teacher at Royal Spring Middle School in Georgetown. Besides these, there is no more information about her detail.

With this incident identified, police have kept the case open for further charges are of possibility. So far, as per the police, no other alleged victims have come forward.

As an arrest warrant states, the alleged crimes happened between March and October of 2020. She was arrested in January 2021 after the victim’s mother found out about the crime.

What is Alexandria Allen Trial And Case Update?

Alexandria Allen has been charged with third-degree rape. She has been found to have an illegal physical relationship with her eight grade students multiple times.

The victim was Alexandria’s former student, whom she used to provide private tutoring. The victim admitted to investigators that the two had previously been involved in physical activity.

Her lawyer pled not guilty on her behalf during court. As she had no past criminal record, the judge reduced her bond to $2500 and ordered that she cannot contact the victim.