François Avard Conjointe: Everything On The Writer

Canadian writer François Avard, aged 53, has not revealed anything about his conjointe [partner] in public yet. Learn more about the writer in the article below. 

François Avard is a Canadian Writer.

Avard is known for his published novels and his work in the film industry. He is renowned for his novels which include Le Dernier Continent, Pour de vrai, Bancs publics, Avard Chronique, Francois Avard & Mpambara, etc.

Speaking of his Television appearances, he appeared in the TV series Les beaux malaises, Bye-Bye and Les Bougon. Moreover, he has been credited with 13 credits as a writer, 3 credits as an actor, and 2 credits for his contribution to Script and Continuity Department as mentioned on his IMDB page.

Further, he has won three Gemeaux Awards for his work in Les beaux malaises as a writer.

François Avard Conjointe

François Avard has not spoken about his conjointe [partner] in any of his interviews. Moreover, there are no rumors of his spouse and dating life in front of the media.

Since Avard has not introduced his wife in public, we are still unaware of his marital status. Hence, we are waiting for him to reveal details of his married life.

François Avard Age, Bio

Canadian Author, François Avard’s actual age is 53 years old. He was born in the year 1968 in Saint Hyacinthe. Likewise, he celebrates his birthday on June 6 every year with his colleagues and families.

Avard is a certificate holder in creative writing along with a bachelor’s degree in teaching French. Moreover, he is co-author and creator of the series Les Bougon, c’est aussi ca la vie!

Some of his published works includes, Pour de vrai, Le dernier continent, L’Esprit de Bottine, Les Uniques, Le Dernier Continent, Pour de vrai, Bancs publics etc.

François Avard Family

François Avard has not revealed anything about his family members in front of the public.

It seems that the writer is a very secretive person, as he has not revealed a single detail of his personal life as well.

François Avard Net Worth

François Avard’s net worth is estimated to be over $950k. However, his actual worth and earnings details are still undercover.

The major source of his earning is from his profession as an author and screenwriter. Besides that, he is also entitled to an annual salary of $29,257 for being an actor.

Hence, we can say that the writer has accumulated a hefty amount of money from royalties that he earns from his published works.