Gary Mehigan Net Worth In 2022, How Much Money Does The Restaurateur Have?

How the Australian chef and former judge Gary Mehigan became a millionaire? Here is what we know about his career earnings.

Gary Mehigan is a public figure who has appeared in several TV shows as a judge and a contestant before becoming the owner of two eatery houses.

In short, Gary is a British-Australian chef and restaurateur. Mehigan was one of the original judges of the Network 10 series MasterChef Australia.

Food critic and former judge Gary is far from a host since he is an extraordinary culinary expert. He was a founder of award-winning Fenix and co-founding member of Maribyrnong Boathouse based in the Melbourne inner city, Moone Suburb.

In addition, Gary has some finest dining experiences that were like icing on the cake. Trained Gary has received training in top-rated restaurants, including The Connaught and Le Souffle in London in the past years. He has a keen interest in cooking. Hence, he moved to Melbourne in 1991 to explore his talents.

Also, Gary headed towards some of the City’s famous restaurants, including Browns, Burnham Beeches Country House, and Hotel Sofitel, before opening the award-winning Fenix, a venture Gary established in 2000.

Many of his supporters doubt how he managed to earn staggering income. We’ve got the answers for you. Continue reading.

Gary Mehigan’s Net Worth In 2022: How Rich Is The Australian Chef?

According to public sources, Gary Mehigan’s net worth is roughly estimated at around $5 million as of 2022. He is a professional chef and a judge of people’s favorite show, Masterchef Australia.

At the age of 31, Gary set up Fenix Restaurant and Events which received an award in its first year. For 14 years, Gary owned the restaurant and later sold it.

The income of a restaurateur and judge is beyond our imagination. The average salary of a TV judge is around $50k, according to Now To Love.

Gary Mehigan Career As A Chef And Restaurant Owner

Gary Mehigan’s inspiring journey from a chef to TV judge to the owner of restaurants is extraordinary.

Coming to the point, Mehigan has been a part of television since 1997. He initially co-hosted an Australian cooking show, Good Chef Bad Chef, on Channel Seven. His 12 years of career on Master Chef Australia as a judge made him famous worldwide. He left Masterchef Australia in 2019 after the 11th season.

Prior to becoming a TV host, Gary worked under Michel Bourdan at The Connaught for four years and at Le Souffle in London under Peter Kromberg. Peter and Michael were highly influential and celebrated chefs in Britain before moving to Melbourne in 1991. He landed in a few renowned Melbourne kitchen restaurants, including Browns, Burnham Beeches Country House, and Hotel Sofitel.

In 2000, Gary established an award-winning Fenix and later sold it to Leonda in 2013. Also, Gary owned The Boathouse in the Melbourne suburb Moonee Ponds.

Masterchef Judge Gary Mehigan Is Married To Supportive Wife Meghan Mehigan

Since 1992, Gary Mehigan has been happily married to Meghan with no controversies in the media. The pair are often spotted in public places when Gary is off duty from his regular working schedule.

Per Daily Mail, Gary went out for lunch holding hands with his beautiful partner Meghan. The 52-year-old Gary was wearing a casual outfit, not clean shaved, showing his grey beard, where he looked better than ever. Meanwhile, his long-term partner wore a stylish summer dress and a floaty pink blazer.

When and how the duo met is still a mystery to the fans. For thirty years, the couple has been blissfully married, which is indeed a perfect example for today’s generation.

Gary Mehigan Has Only Daughter Named Jenna Mehigan- Children Details

Gary Mehigan has no son, but he has a daughter named Jenna Mehigan (born in 2001). She will turn 22 years at the end of this year.

As per, Jenna is like her father when it comes to culinary. She has picked her father’s talents and is a genius in the kitchen.

Gary said to Who, “Jenna said, “she is not fond of cooking, but she knows a lot about food.”

“Gary caught Jenna red-handed while making concoctions. He admired Jenna by saying her techniques were good. Besides, Jenna prefers to stay away from the limelight.