Ghost Hunters: Ex-Police Officer Steve Gonsalves Wife

Ghost Hunters member, Steve Gonsalves’ wife is still an unknown topic to the internet. He relatively lives a low-key life making it pretty challenging to know about his marital life.

Not to mention, Steve might have someone in his heart but has kept her far from the public’s eyes. Meanwhile, Gonsalves has a strong presence on Instagram registered as @stevegonsalvesofficial.

In his Instagram handle, he has gained over 71.8k followers, from where Steve shares various info about his ongoing life. However, he has not revealed anything about his love life yet.

So, we can assume that he might be leading a single life and busy with his television career. 

Did Steve Gonsalves Get Married To Alyce Haynes?

And the correct answer is No, Steve Gonsalves did not get married to Alyce Haynes. The former couple was just in a romantic relationship. Alyce was Steve’s high school sweetheart.

Furthermore, Gonsalves posted about Haynes back in December 2011. According to Aussie celebs, the duo separated in the year 2014. So, we can say that Alyce and Steve were not wedded, but they were dating each other.

After his love separation, Gonsalves must be a single man. Also, there are no details regarding Alyce’s present life.

Steve Gonsalves Net Worth Details

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Steve Gonsalves has a net worth of around $40 thousand. He earned every penny of his gains from his work in television.

Further, Gonsalves is also a former police officer, and the average salary of a police officer is $67,600. So, he must have earned in the same range during his tenure.

Moreover, his income will rise more as he is still working actively in the entertainment industry. 

Steve Gonsalves Age and Height

Steve Gonsalves’ age is 46 years as of 2021. He was born in New Bedford, Massachusetts, the United States, on October 23, 1975, standing at the height of 5 feet 11 inches.

He is also the cousin of Kelly Farrell, an actress, producer, and director. Furthermore, we can find details of his filmography on IMDb.