Girl Hits Hip TikTok Video On Twitter – Who Is Katey Bridges?

A girl hits hip TikTok video has gone viral on the social media platform. Katey Bridges uploaded a TikTok video of herself hitting with a bed frame.

Katey Bridges is a Tiktok celebrity who went viral after posting her own video in which she was hit in the hip by a bed.

Since her video went viral and became a global trend in a couple of hours, Katey has amassed a number of fans.

Katey Bridges Hits Hip Tiktok Video Goes Viral On Twitter

One of Katey Bridges’ Tiktok videos has gone viral on Twitter, and many people are talking about it.

Katey is hit in the hip by the corner of the bed in the Tiktok video. She banged into the corner of her bed frame as she was backing up from setting up the camera and cried out in pain.

She wrote in her Tiktok caption “Just trying to show my fit off, but the good Lord had other plans.”

The video quickly went viral on TikTok, getting millions of likes in only a few days, with people commenting on how funny they found the short clip.

In this video, she has got 22.3 million views and 3.2million likes.

The video is also being used in a number of TikTok duet videos, where people are mixing Bridges’ video with their own songs and even piano covers.

Who Is Katey Bridges?

Katey Bridges is a Tiktok star who got viral after she hit her hip. After her video went viral, she became famous in such a short period of time.

Her Tiktok username is @kateylorrell, and she has 78.9k followers.

She has a lot of interesting videos on her Tiktok account. She’s also shared videos on Tiktok with her boyfriend.

Meet Katey Bridges On Instagram

Katey Bridges is active on Instagram with the username @kateylorrell. She has 4512 followers and 1442 posts on her Instagram account.

She has photos of herself, her family, and her boyfriend on her Instagram account.

She looks to have a huge family, with numerous siblings, based on the number of photos she has shared with them.

Justin Gibson is her boyfriend, and they are open about their relationship. On her Instagram account, Katey frequently posts about her boyfriend.

She appears to be a fun-loving girl who enjoys traveling and spending time with her family, based on her Instagram account.

Katey Bridges Age: How Old Is She?

Katey Bridges is 26 years old. She was born in Texas and raised in the United States.

She appears to be 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs between 55-60 kg. This, however, is just a guess based on her photo.