Golfer Jack Nicklaus Grandson Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr Is Carrying The Family Legacy

Jack Nicklaus is excited to see his grandson Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr pursue a golf career, following his father and grandfather’s fame.

One of the best golfers of all time, Jack William Nicklaus, also known by his monikers The Golden Bear and The Golden Bear, is an American retired professional golfer and golf course designer.

Nicklaus now serves as the CEO of Nicklaus Design, one of the biggest firms in the world for designing and building golf courses. He oversees the Memorial Tournament, a PGA Tour competition named after the annual award it bestows on golf-related personalities.

One of the top instructional golf books of all time, Nicklaus’s publications range from instructional to autobiographical. His Golf My Way film, which carries the same name, is the most popular golf instructional to date.

In addition to him, his children pursued careers in golf, and his grandson, Gary Nicklaus Jr., is currently continuing the lineage.

Quick Facts:

Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr

Age 19 years old
Parents Gary Nicklaus Sr., and Amy Nicklaus
Sibling Nina Nicklaus
Grandparents Jack Nicklaus

Golfer Jack Nicklaus Grandson Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr. Carries The Family Legacy

His father and grandfather were both accomplished golfers. Therefore, you’d better believe Gary Nicklaus Jr. has goals for a professional golf career of his own.

Since his televised ace at the Master’s Par 3 Contest in 2018, Gary, also known as G.T., a descendant of Jack, has gained some notoriety in the golfing community.

At West Palm Beach, Florida’s Oxbridge Academy, G.T. was a sophomore. However, he admitted to The Forecaddie that he “absolutely” had ideas about playing golf in college.

Per Golf Week, the college recruiting process, according to G.T., is still in its early stages. Nevertheless, he added that schools had shown interest. The Vanderbilt and Ohio State coaches have been spotted at his gatherings.

Both his father and grandfather were athletes at Ohio State. While G.T. has no connections to Vanderbilt, the Commodores are known for having one of the best collegiate golf programs and a reputable academic program.

His Grandfather Nicknamed As “The Golden Bear” Won 117 Pro Tournaments

Jack set a record for major victories during a quarter-century, winning 18 of them—three more than Tiger Woods, who came in second.

The Master’s Tournament, U.S. Open, Open Championship, and PGA Championship were among the significant competitions he concentrated on. Still, he only participated in a limited number of regular PGA Tour events.

He participated in 164 major tournaments, more than any other golfer, and placed third on the PGA Tour with 73 victories, trailing only Sam Snead (82) and Tiger Woods (82).

In contrast, Nicklaus came in second at the 1960 U.S. Open, two strokes behind Arnold Palmer, and won the U.S. Amateur in 1959 and 1961.

At age 26, Nicklaus became the youngest golfer to have won all four major championships when he consecutively won the Open Championship and the Masters Tournament in 1966.

His Grandmother Barbara Bash Was A Nursing Student

In July 1960, his grandfather wed his grandmother, Barbara Bash (b. 1940), an Ohio State nursing student, and the couple welcomed their first of five children, Jack Jr., in September 1961.

Nicklaus was determined to become the first amateur to win the Masters the following month. Early in November, he changed his heart and declared that he was going into business to help support his family.

He ended up just a few credit hours away from a college degree. He was awarded an honorary doctorate from Ohio State in 1972 as a goodwill gesture.

Gary G.T. Nicklaus Jr Turned 19 This year

As of 2022, Gary “G.T.” Nicklaus will be 19 years old, having participated in the Master’s Par 3 Contest when he was reportedly 15 years old.

This indicates that he could have been born in the year 2003. In all likelihood, he was born the same year that his father completed three seasons on the PGA Tour.

According to, the eldest Nicklaus received a commemorative plaque from Augusta National following G.T.’s ace.

A collage of images matted on green felt, including shots of G.T. flying into the air and G.T. embracing his grandfather, is displayed inside the frame. Jack called Gary to ask if G.T. would be interested in having the memento after getting it.

Before G.T. turned 16 on September 29, neither Jack nor Gary told him about the present. Jack then gave his grandson a note that he had written and placed with the pictures.

His Astounshing Career In Golf Started In 2018

The retired professional golfer Jack Nicklaus’s grandson, Gary Nicklaus Jr., made a memorable hole-in-one in 2018, giving his golfing career a strong start.

Grandpa Jack, who was overjoyed, declared it to be the best day he had ever experienced at Augusta National.

With his grandson Gary “G.T.” Nicklaus Jr.’s hole-in-one at the Par 3 in 2018, when he was only 15 years old, Nicklaus had previously celebrated watching a new generation compete at the Masters.

According to Golf Magic, Grandad gave a hearty bear hug in the midst of a swarm of high fives and congrats as he joyfully rejoiced.

The adolescent has previously focused on playing high school golf, but he has recently started to play other tournaments again, including qualifying for the U.S. Amateur and U.S. Open this year. Although he is upbeat, he observes that his putting and iron play may be better.

Junior Gary Was Born To Parents Gary Sr And Amy

The rising golf star was born to his parents, Gary Nicklaus Sr. and Amy Nicklaus. In essence, he was brought up alongside Nina, his younger sister.

Gary Jr. has more than 20 cousins, making the Nicklaus family large and diverse. The number has grown since his father is the fourth of Jack’s five children.

From a young age, Gary Sr. was seen as the most probable candidate to carry on his father’s golfing legacy. When he was fifteen, he became the first person to defeat his father, and he went on to win other junior competitions.

At sixteen, Gary was referred to as “The Next Nicklaus” on the Sports Illustrated cover. The younger Nicklaus went to Ohio State University, just like his father, and played golf there as an All-American.

At Cherry Hills Country Club near Denver, he earned a spot in the 1990 U.S. Amateur, but he was hospitalized for pericarditis after he got to Colorado and missed the competition.

In 1991, Nicklaus returned to Ohio State to complete his undergraduate studies. He then won the illustrious Porter Cup and reapplied for the U.S. Amateur. Later that year, he decided to pursue a career in it.

Gary “G.T.” Nicklaus’ Father Is Also A PGA Golfer

The 19-year-old’s father, Gary, is a professional golfer who has played on various tours, most notably the PGA Tour Champions. He was a member of the PGA Tour from 2000 to 2003 for three years.

In vain, Nicklaus would attempt to join the PGA Tour multiple times over the following eight years. During that period, he participated in 26 PGA Tour competitions, including the 1997 U.S. Open, but only two of those were cuts.

In 1999, Nicklaus finally succeeded in qualifying for the PGA Tour after eight tries. A few weeks later, Nicklaus and his father won the Father/Son Challenge, a 36-hole scramble competition.

To concentrate on the family company, Nicklaus ceased playing professional golf in 2003 after spending most of the year on the Tour’s minor-league circuit.

After turning 50 years old in 2019, Nicklaus re-entered the workforce to compete on the PGA Tour Champions circuit.

Some FAQs

Is Gary Nicklaus Jr. Related To Jack Nicklaus?

Gary “GT” Nicklaus Jr. is the grandson of retired golfer Jack Nicklaus, who made a memorable hole-in-one in 2018.

Who is Gary Nicklaus Jr.’s Father?

GT Nicklaus’ father, Gary Nicklaus, is also a professional golfer who spent three years as a member of the PGA Tour from 2000 to 2003.