Has High Boi Done A Face Reveal? Learn Everything About The YouTuber

High Boi is a professional Youtuber whose subscribers are growing much faster than MrBeast, but High Boi has not done face reveal yet.

High Boi is a professional youtube.

He is a newbie on youtube, but in just a month he has gained over a million subscribers, and that is way faster even than the giant MrBeast.

His channel is filled with movie reviews, and he likes to watch movies just for time to pass.

High Boi Face Reveal: What Is His Real Name?

No, High Boi has not done his face reveal until now.

He doesn’t use any of the social media platforms officially now, but he is on TikTok with his profile picture.

His real name is still a mystery for many people. The reason is simple, as he never thought of growing his channel so fast, so he never wanted to do the face reveal.

High Boi Age & Wiki

High Boi age seems to be around 20-25 years old.

The reason is that in a Q&A video, he said that he is a college student, and he is studying computer engineering.

He aspires to become engineering but now he is one of the best youtube to use an accent that makes people laugh.

His videos are all about the movies and he explains that movie in a language where people find it funny.

According to his Q&A, he is not fond of movies and just likes to watch them to pass his pleasure time.

And just for the fun, he starts uploading the videos on youtube, and then there was no stop to it.

His subscriber count grows from 1k on 21st May 2021 to 1 Million on July 4, 2021, which is just a month and a half of time.

And currently, he has over 1.17 million subscribers on his youtube channel.

What Is High Boi Net Worth?

According to some youtube channels who find the revenue of other YouTubers, they have suggested that his earnings from youtube might be around $200,000.

But as of now, there are no exact details about his net worth.

He also has a Patreon to support his channel and he might be much more weather than 200k.

Though High Boi has said that he doesn’t have much money even to buy a chair in his Q&A, he does now have enough Patreon to get the best setup.

Who Is High Boi Dating? His Girlfriend Revealed

As of now, High Boi has clearly said that he is not dating and doesn’t have a girlfriend.

This was made clear by High Boi himself on his Q&A.

The youtube is still single and is enjoying his life as a bachelor. He said that he might have a girlfriend now, as his channel is growing.

So, as of now, High Boi is a single person.