Has Khatija Rahman Revealed Her Face? Always On Mask

No, an entrepreneur, musician, and social worker Khatija Rakhman have not revealed her fave to the general public since she always wears a mask(niqab).

Back in 2019, trolls attacked AR Rahman accusing him of ‘forcing’ his recently married daughter Khatija Rahman to wear a niqab. With composure & grace, A.R. handled the issue.

Khatija gave an impassioned remark during the 10th anniversary of the Slumdog Millionaire CD. While she earned much appreciation, Khatija’s father was chastised for reportedly “being a hypocrite” by forcing his daughter to wear the niqab. “Don’t Judge,” Khatija said in defense of her father.

Khatija also responded to the allegations on Facebook. She added, “I’m a grown-up who comprehends how to create my life conclusions.” Anyone can dress or do anything they want, & that’s what I’ve been doing. 

Khatija Rahman Wikipedia Biography: Details To Know

Khatija Rakhman is now well-recognized as a musician and entrepreneur. According to her Wikipedia biography, she received her bachelor’s and master’s degree in Islamic Studies at Vandalur’s B.S. Abdur Rahman College. 

She is studying Western vocals & Hindustani classical vocals. One of Khatija’s substantial advances in the music area was collaborating with the iconic Irish band U2 on a song called “AHIMSA,” which celebrates the power of nonviolence.

Besides her music career, Khatija is also known for her helping hand. She believes in donating her musical talents to numerous charities.

Khatija Rahman’s Age: How Old Is She?

Khatija Rahman’s age is currently 26 years old as of 2022. On December 29, 1996, a well-known musician was born in Chennai, India. 

Her songs have played on BBC Asian Radio in London, & Khatija has also featured in national publications on sartorial choices and beauty diversity.

Moving on, Khatija Rahman is active on Instagram under the username @khatija.rahman. She currently has 137k followers and 587 posts on her Instagram account. She’s also shared recent wedding images with her family & friends.