Here’s The Untold Truth We Know About The Make-up Artist Jayde Pierce

Jayde Pierce is a make-up artist, model, and social media personality.

She came into the limelight when she was seen with the pop sensation singer Justine Bieber in 2015. She is known for going on dates with Justine Bieber. She was spotted by the paparazzi having a vacation together with Justin Bieber in Bora Bora

Name Jayde Pierce
Date Of Birth August 7, 1995
Birthplace England
Age 27
Profession Model, Make Up Artist, Blogger

Who Is Make-up Artist Jayde Pierce?

Jayde Pierce is a Makeup-artist and YouTuber known for her makeup tutorial videos.

She was exposed to social media at about 15 years old. She started her YouTube Journey by opening her YouTube channel on October 8, 2013.

Jayde uploaded her first Youtube video on January 11, 2015. Her first video was Foundation Routine which has got about 281k views in it.

The most popular video on her channel is My Go-To Makeup Look, which was uploaded on September 15, 2016, and has received 1.2 million views.

She is also a model and does photoshoots and modeling for various cosmetic and clothes brands.

Although she has a significant social media presence, she instantly came into the spotlight when she was spotted with singer Justin Bieber in May 2015. They were seen going for a hike and later having Hawaiian shaved ice.

Jayde and Justin were seen together in a Snapchat video days after they were spotted together for the first time. It speculated rumors that they might be dating each other.

She shared that she and Justin connected through her Instagram in April 2015, and since there, they started having conversations.

They were again spotted together enjoying a vacation in Bora Bora in October 2015.

Their romance ended after some time, and now the singer is already married to his wife, Hailey Baldwin Bieber, and Pierce is also dating model Stephan, also known as Te te.

Jayde is also a mother and has a daughter named Ayla. She shows her daughter in her Youtube videos. Her baby girl has grown up, and in her recent Youtube video, she shared her daughter is going to school.

Jayde Pierce’s Net Worth In 2022

Jayde Pierce’s Net Worth In 2022 is estimated to be about $1 million to $2 million.

She has been working as a model and make-up artist for a while. She earns thousands to millions of dollars through modeling projects and partnerships with various clothing and cosmetics brands.

She also earned through her YouTube channel’s views and ad revenue.

She has been doing photoshoots and promoting brands for New Look, Kiss Falscara, Imbue, Cantu Beauty, AHC, and many more. Jayde earns well from her profession and is living a good life with her daughter.

The Untold Facts of Jayde Pierce

Here are some untold facts about Jayde Pierce.

  1. Jayde Pierce dated the pop sensation singer Justin Bieber in 2015.
  2. She is the mother of her beautiful daughter, Ayla.
  3. She loves pizza and ice cream but also is health conscious.
  4. Jayde has an older brother and mother.
  5. Pierce is currently dating a model named Stephan.
  6. Jayde turned 27 on August 7.