Highlights of Marci Gonzalez’ Career as an Anchor and Facts About Her Son & Boyfriend

When taking into account the most acclaimed journalists in America, the name Marci Gonzalez is bound to pop up. She has been in the media for more than a decade as she is armed with more than fourteen years of work experience.

Gonzalez currently works with the ABC News Corporation as a news reporter, she joined the team in 2013. However, before joining ABC, she has performed a range of journalistic duties at other media outlets. One of the notable news outlets Marci has worked for was WABC-TV, an acclaimed media firm in New York City.

Marci Gonzalez Kick Started Her Reporting Career With Several Internships

Gonzalez’s decision to become a journalist was one she made when she tried to get into the University of Central Florida. Her chosen course of study was Political Science and Journalism and by 2004, she had started to look for jobs in news houses. Her first stop was at WOLF-TV, which is a virtual channel that is affiliated with Fox television.

She started to work at this News station in June of 2004 and was there for three months, leaving in August. Then she moved to the Central Florida News station where she worked as an intern but stayed on for 3 months after the completion of her program. It is believed it was during her stay at these stations that Marci gained the experience she would need at her next job.

She Got Wide Recognition Reporting on the Haiti Earthquake in 2010

After several months of working as an intern, Marci Gonzalez moved to New York City in 2005 in search of better opportunities. As fate would have it, she started to work at the News 12 Network, based in the Bronx. Here, she worked in the capacity of a reporter and anchor. This was her first full-time employment but Marci only worked there for a year.

By the following year, she moved back to her hometown, Florida. Her relocation happened because she was hired by WPTV-TV, a news station located in West Palm Beach. She worked at this station for four years. During her time at WPTV-TV, she covered the 2010 Haiti earthquake. She had to fly into Haiti with a camera crew and report on the devastating event from the scene. She also went back to the region on several other occasions to report on the aftermath of the disaster especially the outbreak of cholera in the region.

The work she did during that period earned Gonzalez wide publicity and paved the path to another job. More so, in 2011, Gonzalez covered a lot of high profile news stories and high-level documentaries that WABC-TV, located in New York, developed an interest in her and eventually hired her. However, she barely spent two years at WABC-TV, when she moved on to take a job at ABC News in 2013.

Marci Gonzalez has Reported big Stories at ABC News Network 

Working at ABC News took Gonzalez from the local news stations she was working at and placed her at the national level. The same year she joined the news station, Gonzalez reported on notable events like the Boston Marathon bombing. The incident which left 3 dead and hundreds injured was orchestrated by the terrorist Tsarnaev brothers.

Later that year, the reporter was also seen at the frontline covering the news of the attacks in Paris on November 13th and 18th. During those days, a gunman identified as Dehkar terrorized two news outlets as well as a bank. Although no deaths were recorded, one person was injured during Dehkar’s operations. He was eventually apprehended and in 2017, was sentenced to a 25-year jail term.  More so, Gonzalez reported on the Cuban leader, Fidel Castro’s death in 2013 as well as Nelson Mandela’s last days in South Africa.

However, the work Marci does at ABC News is not limited to the coverage of World news stories as she has also covered entertainment news like the Oscars reporting on pre-red carpet events as well as the award show itself. Good Morning America and America this Morning are some of the programs she has featured in.

The Reporter’s Relationship with William Carr

Marci Gonzalez has been in the eye of the public for more than ten years however, in all that time she has been in only two publicly known romantic relationships which have been made public. Her first relationship was with William Carr who like Gonzalez works in the news industry as a correspondent with Fox news channels.

Their relationship was a long term dalliance which many speculated dates as far back as 2015. They maintained what seemed to be a very close entanglement till sometime in 2019 when they decided to go their separate ways. Their split came as a surprise as there were no previous conflicts in their relationship and to further put the public in more anticipation, they have not mentioned the reason for their breakup to date.

Marci Gonzalez is Currently Dating a Co-Worker with Whom She Shares a Son

It is not unusual for people who work in the same type of job to develop profound admiration for each other. In some cases, this extends to even dating co-workers which could even lead to marriage. For Marci Gonzalez, her current relationship is with someone who works in the same News corporation as her and he is no other person than Jory Rand

Rand and Gonzalez started to date in 2019 shortly after things wrapped up between her and William Carr. The pair also did not hesitate to flaunt their relationships to the world as they were seen going on several romantic trips together. More so, the celebrity couple thrilled their fans with the news of a baby on Christmas day of 2019. The announcement was made on their respective Instagram accounts in which they described their baby as “Santa’s little surprise”.

On the 3rd of January 2020, the couple also made headlines with news of their engagement which happened at Niagara Falls. A couple of months later, Marci and her beau welcomed Brooks Henry Rand, on May 28th, 2020. They all live together with their dog in California.