Hinako Shibuno Children: Does Hinako Shibuno Have Kids?

Shibuno was born on November 15, 1998, in Okayama, Japan to sports-loving, sporty parents. Shibuno’s mother and father were both javelin and discus throwers respectively.

Hinako Shibuno is a Japanese professional golfer who became very popular after she won the 2019 Women’s British Open.

Hinako Shibuno Have Kids?

Hinako Shibuno currently has no child per multiple sources. It is believed that just like most sports women, she wants to stay in the game for long and become consistent without being interrupted by pregnancies.

Per the information available to the public, Shibuno is currently single and free from relationships. However, the possibility of her being in  a secret relationship is not ruled out as she is a very secretive person and loves to keep such information away from the public.