How Did Mel Thompson Die? YouTuber And Popular Make Up Artist Family And Cause Of Death Explored

The sudden death of popular YouTuber and make-up artist Mel Thompson has shocked the entire world. Amid this, many people are curious about the cause of her death and her current family situation.

Mel Thompson, the YouTube content creator, and well-known beautician have died at the age of 35.

Puffin Thomson, her husband, confirmed her death by posting a heartfelt tribute to her on Instagram.

Mel passed away just seven weeks after her most recent birthday celebration with her family.

Who Is Mel Thompson Husband Puffin Thomson?

Puffin Thompson is the husband of Youtuber Mel Thompson.

Mel and her husband Puffin were so close that Mel was dubbed “Puffin’s Wife” on the internet.

The couple appears to have married several years ago, but their approximate wedding date is undisclosed.

However, We can confirm that Mel and Puffin are parents of four children, two boys plus two daughters.

Mel Thomson Children And Family: Meet On Instagram

You can meet the children and family of Mel Thomson on her Instagram account.

Mel was active on Instagram as @mel.thomp. Her Instagram account currently has 59.7k followers and over 1.6 thousand posts.

Apart from Instagram, Mel Thompson was also well-known on YouTube, where she had garnered a following of over 169,000 subscribers.

Mel’s Instagram was mostly filled with selfies and make-up tutorials, but she did share a few photos of herself with her handsome husband and adorable children.

Aside from that, She did not reveal many details about her husband and kids.

Obituary: Mel Thompson Cause Of Death – How Did She Die?

The Obituary of Mel Thompson has not mentioned her exact cause of death.

Mel was just fine a few days ago as she had uploaded a video on YouTube just three days before her death.

Thompson was seen passionately speaking about beauty and showed no signs of sickness or weakness in the video.

After her sudden demise, her fellow makeup artists paid tribute to her and praised her for her creativity and character.

Mel Thompson Illness And Health Status

Mel Thompson had numerous illnesses and health issues, according to her close friends.

Moreover, her pals also suspected that she was dealing with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, a group of inherited disorders that primarily affect the skin, joints, and blood vessel walls.

Mel Thompson had discussed the genetic disease on her YouTube channel when her doctor confirmed it.

However, we are unable to establish if the ailments were the cause of her death at this time.