How did Stephan Bonnar break his back?

UFC Hall Famer Stephan Bonnar broke his back and wrist while performing a pro wrestling stunt.

In 2021, Bonnar reportedly had a severe staph infection. He revealed in an interview with MMA fighting that the doctors found infected abscesses on both sides of a fractured vertebra. He reportedly suffered those injuries amid his pro wrestling matches.

The former UFC light heavyweight fighter spent over one month in the hospital due to a staph infection.

“I knew something wasn’t right,” he said. “I knew this shouldn’t be getting this much worse – I feel 10 times worse and it’s been 10 days later. So yeah, I really wish it didn’t come to that.”- Stephan Bonnar told MMA fighting.

Stephan Bonnar competed 26 times as a professional, with 15 UFC appearances and one for Bellator.

He was appointed the president of North Star Combat, a Minnesota-based MMA promotion after retiring from mixed martial arts.

Bonnar died of a heart complication while at work on December 22, 2022, at age 45.