How is Sean Murray related to Donald Bellisario?

Actor Sean Murray is the stepson of Screenwriter and executive producer, Donald Bellisario. Murray’s mother, Vivienne Lee got married to Donald Bellisario in 1998. They have been living together happily ever since. According to sources, Donald Bellisario inspired Sean Murray and his brother Chad Murray to become very active in the movie industry.

Sean bagged a role in Donald Bellisario’s tv show NCIS while Chad also got the role of being the producer of the same show. Their mother, Vivienne starred in three seasons of the show as the mysterious red-hair woman.

Donald Bellisario age

How old is Donald Bellisario? What is Donald Bellisario’s age? Donald Bellisario is 87 years old.

Donald Bellisario movies

What are some of the best shows and movies by Donald Bellisario? Donald Bellisario has made several shows and tv shows. Some of these include;

  •  Magnum P. I.
  • Tales of the Gold Monkey.
  • Airwolf.
  • Quantum Leap.
  • JAG.
  • NCIS.

Donald Bellisario college

Which college did Donald Bellisario attend? Donald Bellisario attended Pennsylvania State University.