How Old Emily Miceli From ‘The Secret She Keeps’?

Emily Miceli, aged 16 years, is an actress in The Secret She Keeps. Let us figure out about her life and career from this article. 

Emily Miceli is an actress cast in The Secret She Keeps, an Australian psychological thriller drama TV series. 

Besides, she is well known for her roles in Marcia, Lady of the Manor, and Once Upon a Time in Florida. 

How Old Is Emily Miceli From ‘The Secret She Keeps’?

Emily Miceli from The Secret She Keeps has not disclosed any data about her age. 

But, the actress must be in her 20s’ as of now. 

In the series The Secret She Keeps, she has portrayed the role of 16-year-old Amara. 

Emily Miceli Wikipedia And Boyfriend

Emily Miclei is not yet made accessible through Wikipedia. 

According to IMDb, Miceli started her acting journey in 2019 through the short movie Mine Forever. 

From then until the beginning of 2021, she showed her presence only in short movies; however, her role made her stand out in public. 

Further, in 2021, Emily worked in a TV series The Secret She Keeps, for which she is in the spotlight even at the moment. 

Additionally, two of her movies, Lady of the Manor and Marcia, are in the post-production phase and will be released soon. 

Talking about her boyfriend, Emily Miceli has kept it a mystery. 

It is not even sure if she is dating anyone or just staying happily single. 

Is Emily Miceli On Instagram?

Actress Emily Miceli is not on Instagram. 

Neither can she be looked upon through a hashtag that gives a slight update about her life. 

Alongside, she is also not found on Twitter. 

Hence, we can analyze that Miceli does not love to update her personal life through social media. 

Emily Miceli Net Worth 

Emily Miclei’s net worth is also a mystery until now. 

Nonetheless, being an actress cast of almost ten movies by now, she should have cumulated thousands of dollars to keep up with her lifestyle.