How Old Is Carmen Moran? Edad Revealed -Everything On Her Family And More

At the Edad or age of around 57 years, Carmen Moran still reminisces her past career and the life she lived as an actress.

Carmen Moran is a professional model as well as an actress who is also widely known as the daughter of the former actress, Cristina Moran.

Alongside being an actress and model, Carmen is also an actively involved director, producer, entrepreneur, chef and also a musical artist.

From this, it is pretty much clear that she is a multi-talented woman who throughout her mentionable career, has worked in various fields.

Coming from an entertainment family as the daughter of Cristina Moran, Carmen grew up aspiring to be an actress from an early age.

Even though the woman couldn’t reach the height of media popularity, Moran still lived a successful career as an actress.

How Old Is Carmen Moran?

Carmen Moran’s edad or age is believed to be around 57 years old.

Apparently, she was born in 1964 in Uruguay believing the article mentioned in Momentosfelices that reports her to be 53 years old in May 2017.

However, the actual age and birthdate of the woman are not mentioned by any trusted sites on the internet.

Carmen started professionally as a model when she was at the age of 16 years but soon after she found herself in acting classes and theatres.

Since then she played multiple roles and came to the point where she is today.

Does Carmen Moran Have A Wikipedia Biografia?

No. Despite being a multi-talented woman in various fields, Carmen Moran doesn’t have an official Wikipedia biografia.

In fact, nothing much about her acting or any other professional career can be found in detail.

Maybe because she was not in the English mainstream or didn’t have any major media roles, the details of her work experience and projects are not disclosed.

Carmen Moran: Cristina Moran Daughter

Carmen Moran is the daughter of a renowned Uruguayan actress, Cristina Moran.

Iris Farina Romano, known by her stage name Cristiana Moran is a well-recognized personality in Uruguay.

Carmen is the only child of the actress and she followed on the same path as her mother.

Even though Carmen is still best known as the daughter of the TV personality Cristina, she has also lived a joyous career in the entertainment industry.

Carmen Moran Family Details

Discussing her family, Carmen Moran has three children in her family beside her parents.

Moran is reported to be single currently but it is not known if her husband died or the couple got separated.

Regardless, Carmen and her former husband have three children, Dominique, Daniel and Denise Dalmas.

In an article published in Pantallazo around a year ago, it is revealed that Carmen has a boyfriend at the moment who is eight years younger than her even though his identity is not revealed.

Is Carmen Moran Available On Instagram?

Carmen Moran has been found on Instagram under the handle @carmencitamoran.

Her Instagram account currently has over 3900 followers and she usually uploads her personal pictures and pictures of her family on the platform.