How Old Is Jake Cunningham? Everything To Know About The Contestant From The Ultimatum

Jake Cunningham, a Texas native who served in the United States Marine Corps, will co-star in the dating show The Ultimatum with his partner. In this post, you’ll learn more about Jake.

On April 6, 2022, the show will launch on Netflix. Six couples will compete in the eight-episode reality show, which will be hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey of Love is Blind, to see if they should marry their partner or move on.

Six couples will be featured on the show, and each of them will be handed an ultimatum by their husbands after discovering that their relationship is not progressing as it should.

Jake Cunningham Age: How Old Is He?

Jake Cunningham was born in Austin, Texas, in the year 1996.

He is currently 26 years old, and a contestant on the dating reality show The Ultimatum.


Jake Cunningham is an Austin Army veteran who has also served in the US Marine Corps.

After coping with challenging issues on the ground, the 26-year-old is back in the ring with his partner, April Marie.

The Ultimatum: Jake Cunningham Girlfriend

Jake and April will be a volatile couple on The Ultimatum: Marry or Move Out. April Marie, who is 23 years old, and Jake Cunningham, who is 26 years old, began dating on September 18, 2019.

Cunningham altered his relationship status to “In a relationship” on the same day. In actuality, his girlfriend, Marie, had also expressed her love for him by leaving a three-heart comment.

However, the couple has experienced many ups and downs over the last two years and has reached a stage where they are unable to decide whether or not to marry.

Jake Cunningham Wikipedia

There is no official page for Jake Cunningham on Wikipedia.

Jake was in the military before joining The Ultimatum, but it’s unclear what he’s up to today. He gives absolutely nothing away after browsing through all of his social media accounts.

However, given that he has some professionally shot photographs on his Instagram, I’m guessing he does some modeling work.

We’ll presumably find out what Jake does for a living and some of his hobbies once the first season of the new Netflix original sitcom premieres.

Explore Jake Cunningham Net Worth

Jake Cunningham has a net worth of $7 million. He does not, however, provide the exact sum.

He was a veteran of the United States Army, which likely contributed to his wealth.

However, he has amassed a sizable sum of money from the Netflix show The Ultimatum, which contributes to his net worth, although we can’t say how much a contestant on a Netflix dating reality show is paid.

Meet Jake Cunningham On Instagram

Jake Cunningham has an Instagram account under the name @itsjakecunningham.

He has 882 followers and 713 followings on his Instagram account. Star has 12 posts on his Instagram altogether.

He has a Twitter account named @jakecunningham. He has 3,692 followers and 1,181 followings on his Twitter account.

On his Twitter account, he has 17.1k tweets. Jake has joined Twitter in March 2010.