How Old Is Logan Marmino? All About The Apple TV Best Foot Forward Cast Info

Logan Marmino, currently in the limelight for Best Foot Forward, was born on March 16, 2010, in Medford, New Jersey, and so is 12 years old as of 2022.

“Best Foot Forward” is a story about and for people with disabilities. It is the Apple TV+ series, inspired partly by Josh Sundquist’s life, and focuses on disability representation.

The movie is based on a motivational book written by paralympic skier Josh Sundquist where Josh, a 12-year-old child, lost his limb due to the malignancy Ewing sarcoma.

After spending his entire life being home-schooled, he is prepared to enjoy middle school. He struggles with things like attempting to get his classmates to accept him despite his disabilities. The other cast members are Trinity Bliss, Stephanie Schneider, Peyton Jackson, and Joy Suprano.

Who is Logan Marmino? Wikipedia Bio And Career.

Logan Marmino, a special needs actor, is a 12-year-old from New Jersey born on March 10. 2010. A well-known novelist named Josh Sundquist wanted to write a loosely based biography of his youth.

The production company got in touch with several organizations to identify a child with one leg. They attempted to reserve a genuine amputee. Josh and his crew eventually found Logan.

Logan’s fame rose in 2022 after Sundquist’s autobiography, “Best Foot Forward,” was made available on Apple TV+ on July 22. Because of his flawless portrayal of Josh, Logan was even asked to participate in an interview on “Paltrocast with Darren Paltrowitz.”

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How Old Is Logan Marmino? Apple TV Best Foot Forward Cast Parents Info

Logan Marmino is 12 years old as of 2022 and was born to his parents, including his father, Pj Marmino, and his mother, Jennifer Ellis, and a pair of siblings.

Logan is an American citizen who was born and raised in Canada. Jennifer, his mother, has never left his side and has always been his pillar of support during the most trying times.

The net worth of the celebrity is expected to be around $400,000. Logan is an amputee, but the cause of his leg loss has not yet been made public. Despite his disability, he constantly fulfills his aims.

He plays for his school’s baseball team and is a superb batter. In 2022, Marino had a face injury while playing baseball. Despite the injuries, he was still able to win the game.

Logan Marmino: The Journey From Sportsman To Actor

Marmino has participated in a range of games since he was five. He excels in baseball and basketball, track & field, surfing, skiing, and snowboarding, among other sports.

Logan was observed surfing in 2021 by a cameraperson for The Asbury Park Press, who then wrote a report about his outstanding skills. Josh Sundquist sought the perfect character for his movie, and Marmino’s physical abilities caught his eye.

Some sources claim that Logan never registered in any professional classes and that, before playing the lead in “Best Foot Forward,” he had never even performed in a school play.

But since he has an acting background, there’s a possibility that we’ll see him in more productions in the near future.