Nora Guerch: Who Is She? Wikipedia

Nora Guerch is an actress who is known for her roles in Zoe (2018), Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018), and Frames (2019).

The actress appears to be a very private person, as evidenced by that nothing is available.

Currently, the actress does not even have Wikipedia, but hopefully, within a few years, there might be, as people will start acknowledging and appreciating her work.

But the is a short bio of her in IMDb. 

The artist has been a part of various TV series, mini-series, short movies, etc. In general, Nora is quite a multi-talented person.

Transplant Actress Nora Guerch Age & Height Explored

Transplant actress Nora Guerch looks like she is in between her 20s-30s, as she has not given any official statement about it.

Along with that, even her exact height is anonymous, but looking at her profile, she looks like she is somewhat 5 feet 7 inches.

Nora does not just act, but she also models, sings and reads poetry on occasion.

Also, the actress was appreciated for her work in the series, Zoe, even though she just played a supporting role as Coco.

It looks like her voice is perfect when choosing or working on any project. Even her current series, Transplant, is one of the award-winning CTV Original dramas.

Meet The Actress On Instagram

Actress Nora Guerch is not so active on any social media platform. There’s an Instagram account of hers under the username of @phoolan_nara where around 159 people are following her.

Her Instagram handle shows that there are only eight posts of her, and even her 1st post is from April 2020.

The artist is not available on Twitter till today. 

Even though Nora is working in Canadian movies, she is a french woman. 

Nora has always been interested in performing and arts, as she started her carrier in 2016, from a TV series, Blue moon, where she is seen playing the role of Laurence Vinet-Guillot.