How Old Is Oscar Lang? Age Revealed

Oscar Lang is one of the biggest voices on the UK pop scene. Stay with us to know more about the pop star.

Oscar is a captivating British singer with exceptional songwriting ability. The London-based artist specializes in Bedroom pop and has recorded hit songs like Flower, Something has changed, and Apple Juice.

Oscar Lang On Instagram

Oscar Lang is available on Instagram under the name of oscar.lang followed by over 22k followers currently.

He has effectively used the social media space to promote his work over the years.

Oscar Lang’s Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

Oscar’s personal Net worth is expected to be somewhere around $350,000-$700,000.

Although, the British pop artist himself has not verified this news. Oscar likes to maintain a very low profile of himself and has not revealed any details about his income yet.

What is Oscar Lang’s Real Name?

Oscar is also known as Freddie as his real name.

In fact, Freddie is the name that his parents prefer to call him. Both of Freddie’s parents are British, and he grew up in South West London. Freddie, aka Oscar, wrote his first song at the age of Eleven and had been refining his songwriting talent over the years.

Oscar Lang on Wikipedia

Oscar Lang is yet to be mentioned on the Wiki page.

Despite being one of the rising British pop artists, Oscar’s Wikipedia has not been official until now. Looking at his recent popularity and talent, he might appear on the Wiki page pretty soon.

Oscar Lang Age Revealed

Lang is apparently just 21 years of age.

He was born in 2000 in the United Kingdom. Although, His exact date of birth has not been disclosed. Oscar comes from a family with good music background.

His father, Mr.Lang, used to play the drums for the UK-based band ‘The Housemartins during his youthful days. At the same time, his mother has a gifted voice which she expresses with sonorous songs from time to time. Oscar developed his love for music while he was in middle school.