How Old Is Trick Daddy Wife? Joy Young’s Age And Net Worth

Trick Daddy and his ex-wife Joy Young have an age difference of three years.

Trick Daddy is a rapper best known for giving the audience some significant hits since the 90s. He is one of the rappers who has brought significant changes and revolutions in the history of rap and hip-hop culture since the 90s.

He has been acing the hip-hop field since 1996 with his top-tier bars and rapping pace. Trick Daddy is by far not just famous for his rapping skills but has also got in the news for marrying his ex-wife, Joy Young. Joy is one of the well-known television personalities and social media influencers.

Quick Facts about Trick Daddy

Full Name Maurice Samuel Young
Stage Name Trick Daddy
Date of Birth 27th September, 1974
Birthplace Miami, Florida, USA
Occupation Rapper, Songwriter
Years Active 1996-Present
Age 47 years
Spouse Joy Young (m.1990-div.2020)

Joy is also one of the cast members of Love & Hip-Hop: Miami. Joy and Trick had a perfect relationship as husband and wife but unfortunately got separated because of some personal issues in their relationship. Trick and Joy officially divorced in the year 2020 after Joy filed for a divorce a long time ago.

Even though the couple split in 2020, in an interview, Trick Daddy expressed his desire to remain with his wife, Joy Young.

Trick Daddy’s Wife Joy Young Is 45 Years Old

Trick Daddy’s ex-wife Joy Young’s age is currently 45 and the ex-couple has an age difference of 3 years.

Yes, you heard it right Joy is in the 45th year of her life. It is tough to believe that she is not the same teen Joy anymore, looking at her age as of now. However, her seamless beauty and glow say something different and confirms the fact that she is aging like a fine wine.

Amane Joy Burnett professionally known as Joy Young after marrying with her ex-husband Trick Young was born on May 27, 1977. She is often seen as a cast of the popular television show, Love & HipHop: Miami, which is a supporting cast. Joy shares her screen with her popular cousin Trina.

Even at this age, Joy looks stunning and is winning over everyone’s heart with her splendid aura and charismatic looks. The television personality is an African-American and loves to flaunt her culture through her Instagram profile sharing her pictures and promoting them.

Joy Young Is A Millionaire

Joy Young has an estimated net worth of $1- $5 Million from her profession as a social media influencer and a television personality.

Although her ex-husband, Trick has declared to be bankrupt for the third time recently, Joy has built her really strong and has worked hard to earn the net worth that she is enjoying now. She is an established and independent woman who is cast in a popular show too. Amidst the divorce between her and her ex-husband, Joy has worked hard to earn this amount sum and her reputation.

Along with it, she is also a popular social media influencer, and the CEO of Luxury Hookahs and New Roots Extensions, where she is known to sell custom-made wigs. Joy is a successful entrepreneur and is leading her way to earn much more and reach heights in the field of business.

Quick Facts about Joy Young

Full Name Amane Joy Burnett
Populary Known As Joy Young
Date of Birth May 27, 1977
Birthplace Miami, Florida, USA
Age 45 years
Cousin Trina
Spouse Trick Daddy (m.2003-div.2020)

Joy Young being a television personality and social media influencer promotes her business well which is also a key to the growth of her business. With all these efforts and hard work, she is today a leading lady with a million-dollar business empire.

Trick Daddy and Joy Young’s Relationship

Trick Daddy and Joy Young had a fruitful relationship as husband and wife but things turned worse after 17 years of marriage.

The couple had a pretty decent start to their marriage life as they got married in the year 2003. During the beginning phase of their life, both of their careers were taking some heights. The rapper, Trick was first featured in Luther “Luke” Campbell’s song Scarred, which was a super hit song giving him media attention.

Joy had also appeared in different shows as a television personality and almost everything seemed to be just perfect. Eventhough, the situation is not good for Trick currently, he was the star of the early 2000s. The new age rappers of this generation like Chance: The Rapper, Bad Bunny, Timal, and more take him as one of their inspirations.

Joy had filed for divorce after going through some unsolved personal issues and finally, the pair split in the year 2020. The relationship between Trick and his ex-wife took a huge turn even after spending their life 17 years together.

Although it has been 2 years since the couple got divorced, recently in an interview, the rapper expressed, how he still wanted his marriage with Joy to last long and didn’t want the divorce to happen.

Joy Young Is A Mother Of 1

Joy Young is a mother of a child about whom she hasn’t disclosed yet in the media.

It might be surprising but Joy has a child, whom she has kept a secret as she wants her child to have a safe and secure life without the media interfering with her privacy. She loves to have her own personal space with her child and wants to keep her private life as lowkey as possible.

One fact about the child which is disclosed is, that Trick is not the father of the child. Even though Trick and Joy had been married for 17 long years they didn’t bear a child together. Whereas no other specific details about Joy’s child are disclosed by her.

The television star has also not shared any pictures of her child on Instagram, joyyoung305.