How to Buy On Amazon and Ship to Nigeria

In times past, Nigerians were not able to make purchases from Amazon to be shipped down to Nigeria directly. Things are however different now; Nigerians can now make purchases from Amazon and ship same to Nigeria directly. You can now buy items like videos, music, DVDs and books directly using your Nigerian shipping address.

Be that as it may, Amazon will not ship certain items to Nigeria. Some of the examples of most imported items are used laptops and household gadgets.  Nigerians have however devised a way to ship these restricted items right to Nigeria.

What can you do to buy these restricted items from Amazon and get them shipped to Nigeria? The information below will open your eyes on how to do that.

In order to buy any item from Amazon and ship same to Nigeria, you can choose from any of the three options provided below:

  • Forward the item you buy on to the address of a friend or acquaintance staying in the United States. This works perfectly if the friend will be visiting Nigeria in a matter of weeks. The friend can also help forward the item to Nigeria after receiving it from Amazon.
  • You can also use Nigerian Shop to buy and ship the item to Nigeria from Amazon. They however charge exorbitantly for the shipping. Their charges can also include 5% of the value of the item you are buying from Amazon.
  • Make use of service provided by American re-shipping and forwarding agents. Good example of such outlet is

Steps to make order

  • First of all, visit They provide US mailing address to Nigerians and anyone interested. The item you buy from Amazon will be shipped to this address you get from Once the item lands at the US address, you will be notified. You can then give instruction on how to ship the item to Nigeria. This is done at a cost anyway, but it is relatively cheap. You can buy practically any item from Amazon with the US Mailing Address obtained from
  • Visit Amazon market place and register an account with them.
  • Visit your account using the username and password you had earlier provided.
  • Under the Settings option, click on Manage Address Book. Edit the default shipping address there. Change it to the one provided by
  • Next, search their database for the particular item you want to buy.
  • Under Refine on the left side of the page, select Ship to United States.
  • Amazon will perform your search and present items you can ship to the address in the United States to you.
  • If you had chosen to ship to Nigeria, only very few items can be shipped to Nigeria as indicated earlier. However, you can ship virtually any item to Nigeria with the shipping address that you have provided.
  • Next, select the item you want to buy, be it laptop, home appliances or whatever item it may be.
  • After selecting the item you want to buy, add to cart and click on Next
  • You will be able to view your cart at this stage
  • Next, proceed to Checkout.
  • Next, provide the US mailing address provided by
  • At this stage, you are also required to provide delivery option. The delivery option determines how much you will pay for shipping. Since you are shipping to the United States address of, you can ship the item free of charges. Amazon gives free shipping opportunity to US buyers. Amazon Global Priority shipping only takes between 2 and 7 days to ship the item.
  • Afterwards, proceed to make payment.
  • On the payment page, you will be required to select your preferred method of payment.
  • Despite the fact that the mailing address is in US, you can use your Nigerian visa card or MasterCard to make payment for the item you have just purchased. You can equally make payment using PayPal account if you have one. MasterCard or visa card from any Nigerian bank will work perfectly. Aside credit or debit card, you can also use Amazon store card to make payment. Gift card & promotional codes too can be used to pay for the product ordered from
  • If the MasterCard or visa card is not accepted, you can opt for MyUS Personal Shopper service. They will help you make the payment, while you reimburse them.
  • On the next page, you will be allowed to review your order. On this page, import fees deposit is calculated. Amazon equally provides currency conversion on this page. It is only available for selected currencies anyway. This page may not be so important to you, since you are not shipping directly to Nigeria.
  • After you have confirmed the order, you can now click on Place Your Order.
  • In most instances, shipping within the United States is free. It may however attract some fees, depending on the type of item being shipped. The bigger the size of the item, the more the cost of shipping.

Before you finalize with the order, you may want to check with to find out how much it costs to ship the item from the United States to Nigeria.

The amount you pay is determined by how long it takes to ship the item to Nigeria by They will charge you up to $96 per kilogram if you want the item to be shipped within 4 business days. You will only have to pay $74 if the item is to be shipped within 10 business days.

The amount varies anyway; premium members of pay different amount from their basic members. equally works with a number of shipping agencies. The shipping cost is determined by which of the shipping agencies you opt for.  Those with premium membership pay less than those having basic membership.

The shipping cost include fees for customs documentation completion, deep discounts with global carrier partners, package storage and consolidation and simplified shipping rates based on the weight of the item to be shipped.

Some of the shipping agencies in partnership with are UPS, FedEx, and DHL.