How to Reset DSTV Decoder

How to Reset DSTV Decoder

The information here will direct you on how to reset your DSTV decoder. The steps are very easy to follow and you can get it done right at home without involving any technician. Resetting your decoder helps remove the need to buy new one and prevent unnecessary spending on the decoder.

In order to reset your DSTV decoder, there are simple home solutions you can apply. With these home solutions, it is possible to get the issue resolved without visiting any of DSTV outlets or inviting the professionals.

The other side of things is that the solution may not work all the time. If it does not work after applying it, just visit any of their outlets to get the error issue resolved. But you can give this a try as it will help prevent possible trouble of visiting DSTV outlet.

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You can follow the steps outline below to get this done

  • Press “Reset” and the standby button at the same time on your decoder’s front panel.
  • The letter “dL” will come up on your DSTV decoder’s display panel.
  • When you see the letters, press and hold down the TV/Audio button and the P+ button at the same time.
  • You should continue holding the two of them until you see the word “done” come up on the decoder’s display panel.

Once this happens, it means the decoder has been successfully reset. However, you can call on the technicians to help get things resolved if this does not resolve the problem; or you can try the solution outlined below, which is the manual upgrade method of resetting your DSTV decoder.

The manual Upgrade

  • Press the standby and the “reset” button at the same time.
  • The word “dL” will come up on the decoder’s display panel.
  • Once you see the letters, press standby, P+, P-, Standby in very quick succession, one after the other. Keep in mind that this must be done very fast.

This will help reset the decoder and it will come back to its normal state again.

The methods outlined above do work most of the time. There are however times when none of them will work for resetting your decoder. If you try the two methods outlined above but neither of them works, then it can only mean that your decoder is now at the end of its operation. The only solution at this stage is to get the decoder replaced.

Some end users have also tried replacing the c10 capacitor in the DSTV decoder. They claimed this method help solve the problem. This method too may work, but it is not 100% reliable. However, 90% of respondents claimed that it worked perfectly for them.

The capacitors are very cheap and they are also very easy to replace. There are some DSTV decoders that come with 2 capacitors; you need to watch out for this. If replacing the decoders gets too technical or complicating for you, just contact a technician to help with the replacement.