How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

How to Send Bulk SMS in Nigeria

What is bulk SMS?

This is a very reliable service that allows you to send message at a very low cost.  Aside the reliability of this message delivery platform, it is also scalable. With the aid of this service, bulk SMS resellers and businesses can connect with any of the network offering the service.

They can send such bulk SMS to their clientele via any of the available network services. In most instances, the networks are always reliable and highly secured.

The beautiful thing about bulk SMS is that you can send it right in the comfort of your home and even on your mobile device. It will cater for your needs for any form of SMS broadcasting you may want to do.

It can be used for various purposes, like product advertisement, result notifications, political awareness/ campaigns, special season’s greetings, promotional activities, marketing campaign and so on.

Who should go for SMS service?

If you are a business person that needs to link up with your clients, this is the perfect choice for you.  It is equally the perfect choice for value-adding service providers. Corporate organizations will also find the service very helpful.  So long as you require a secured and reliable local message delivery service, then you can go for this service; it will prove to be the perfect choice for you.

In most instances, the service is mostly seamless, easy and simple and it is simply the best to provide customers with timely messages on the goods and services

Benefits of Bulk SMS

  • You will have access to guaranteed and instant delivery of messages
  • You can send the SMS directly from your server or system and it is through secured and reliable SMS gateway
  • It is highly accessible and can be accessed just anytime. It is highly compatible with modern business needs.
  • The pricing is competitive too and you can select from among a number of Bulk SMS bundles.
  • The network providers do not charge access fees for services rendered. They also do not charge hidden feed. There is equally no setup cost.
  • Many of the service providers do support use of Alpha Tag  on the messages sent when you are receiving threshold notification

How to subscribe

  • First choose the particular network you want to subscribe with among MTN, Glo or Etisalat
  • Visit the website of particular network provider of your choice.
  • Take some time to read up the terms and conditions as outlined on that website.
  • Next, select the particular Corporate Bulk SMS subscription form on the website
  • Fill the particular form and click on Submit.