Inside Joe Siddall Wife Tamara and Family: Kids Brett, Kevin & Mackenzie

Joe Siddall is a television broadcaster and a former baseball player married to his gorgeous wife, Tamara Siddall.

Siddall was born in Windsor, Canada, on the 25th of October 1967, and the 54 years old welcomed four beautiful souls, two sons & two daughters, to the world.

The Blue Jays Central broadcaster signed with the Montreal Expos in 1987 as an amateur free agent and made his MLB debut in 1993; Furthermore, the athlete played 16 MLB games for the Florida Marlins during the 1996 season and made his final MLB appearances for the Detroit Tigers in 1998.

Quick facts

Full name Joseph Todd Siddall
Date of birth October 25, 1967
Birthplace Windsor, Ontario
Spouse Tamara Siddall (m. 1989)
Children Kevin Siddall, Brett Siddall, Brooklyn Siddall, and Mackenzie Siddall

Meet Joe Siddall Wife Tamara Siddall

Tamara Siddall is the beautiful wife of the former professional baseball catcher Joe Siddall, and they have been married for over three decades.

The lovely pair has been by each other’s side through thick and thin and often shares their precious memories on social networking sites to cherish them with their well-wishers.

Per Sportsnet, Tamara is a doctor and serves as the Primary Care Lead for ESC RCP; furthermore, she is the rock of the family who encourages everyone to thrive for the best.

Moreover, Siddall is active on social media and often shares her lifestyle on the platform; she goes by @tamarasiddall and has accumulated 296 followers with 72 posts.

Joe Siddall Has A Loving Family

Siddall is a family man, and he and his wife have gotten blessed with four incredible kids, one of which knocked onto the heavens door at a young age.

The former baseball player loves and adores his significant other and their children, and he often takes it to his social networking sites to express how much they mean to him.

Joe goes by the handle @siddalljoe and has made 326 posts on his verified account; likewise, he has accumulated 2.2k followers as of the 2nd of October 2022.

The broadcaster and his loved ones are very positive, and he has shared a splendid quote on his IG bio, ‘your life could drastically change in a matter of seconds… appreciate each moment and live life to its fullest.

Joe Siddall Is Father To Two Sons

Joe and his spouse gave life to two incredible sons, Kevin Siddall and Brett Siddall; both of his boys walked in his footsteps and pursued an athletic careers.

The former baseball player coached his lads in high school. The eldest played baseball at Canisius; furthermore, he was a Canadian Junior National teammate who earned All-Tournament honors as Canada took second place at the Americas World Junior Tournament.

However, God had different plans for Kevin; the youngest Siddall got diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Although he is gone, he always lives in his family’s heart, and the Siddalls treasure the memories they created together.

Furthermore, they have always been grateful for the time they spent together, and they dearly love and miss him every day. The broadcaster and his loved ones always make posts on Kevin’s anniversary in his remembrance while sharing his photographs.

Joe Siddall Has Two Gorgeous Daughters

Joe also has two gorgeous daughters, Brooklyn Siddall and Mackenzie Siddall; they are very grateful for the life their parents gifted them.

Mackenzie is passionate about inspiring and motivating people to reach their potential and get the most out of what life has to offer; she is the owner of a lifestyle brand, Attitude of Gratitude, that provides clothing and other accessories.

Furthermore, she studied Kinesiology and played varsity softball at the University of British Columbia, and her sister Brooklyn played hockey at Guelph.

Moreover, the softball player served as the captain of her team and excelled at time management. Likewise, she earned her Master’s degree in Business Administration from the Odette School of Business in Windsor, ON.

Joe Siddall Loves His Children

Siddall adores his three children and misses the youngest one every day, but he has always been thankful for the 15 years he spent with his beloved son Kevin.

The broadcaster and his wife welcomed their first child Brooklyn Siddall in 1992, and she made a toast to celebrate her 30th birthday on the 3rd of August 2022.

Later in 1994, the couple had their second-born, Brett Siddall. Brett is 27 years old and will turn 28 tomorrow; he commemorates his birthday every year on the 3rd of October under the seventh astrological sign of the zodiac Libra.

Likewise, their third child Mackenzie is 25 years old, and she will turn 26 on the 21st of October 2022. Furthermore, their young child was born in 1999, and he would have turned 23 on the 11th of February, 2022.

Is Joe Siddall Still Married?

Joe is happily married to his better half Tamara, and they celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary on the 16th of September 2022.

The former baseball player married the love of his life in 1989 and vowed to spend eternity and stick by Tamara’s side in better and worse, sickness and health.

They have kept their promises to stand by each other’s side in every high and low, and we wish the pair an eternity of joy and happiness. Furthermore, the Siddalls empower one another and appreciate every little thing they pursue together.

Joe Siddall Net Worth In 2022

Joe played baseball professionally for 13 years and pursued a broadcasting career after retiring from his athletic career; thus, he has accumulated sound finances in his bank account throughout his career.

The former baseball player played a catcher in Major League Baseball for the Montreal Expos, Detroit Tigers, and Florida Marlins. He debuted for the Montreal Expos on the 28th of July 1993 and made his last MLB appearance for the Detroit Tigers on the 26th of September 1998.

Later, the Toronto Blue Jays hired him to work alongside Jerry Howarth on the 1st of March 2014 during Blue Jays radio broadcasts. Furthermore, Siddall moved to the television broadcast in 2018 when he took over Gregg Zaun on Blue Jays Central. Moreover, the broadcaster won the Canadian Screen Award at the 10th Canadian Screen Awards for Best Sports Analysis or Commentary in 2022.

Some FAQs

Who is Joe Siddall’s wife?

Joe Siddall’s wife is a doctor named Tamara Siddall, who serves as the Primary Care Lead for ESC RCP.

How many kids does Joe Siddall have?

The former baseball player Joe Siddall has three kids, and he had to send his fourth, the youngest son, to God’s side in 2014.

Who did Joe Siddall play for?

Joe Siddall played in MLB for the teams, including Montreal Expos, Florida Marlins, and Detroit Tigers.