Inside Lisa Spencer Weight Loss Journey

Lisa Spencer is the chief meteorologist of the WSMV4 channel in Nashville, Tennessee. Spencer has recently gotten on the trending page for allegedly losing a large amount of weight.

She is most famous for leading one of the most experienced weather teams in all of middle Tennessee and leading the weathercast on weekdays at 5, 6, 6:30, and 10:00 PM on WSMV4.

The prolific meteorologist has spent over twenty years at WSMV4.

Born and raised in Jackson, Tenessee, Spencer spent much of her early career forecasting the weather all over the southeast. From weekend weathercasts in Memphis WHBQ to being a chief meteorologist in Raleigh, North Carolina, to spending five years in The Weather Channel in Atlanta, her career spans many avenues and locations.

She has spent the majority of her career, a little over two decades, serving Middle Tenessee, her hometown.

Lisa Spencer Weight Loss Journey

Though Lisa Spencer has recently gotten on the trending page due to her weight loss, it isn’t the same as the titular Lisa Spencer.

Due to possessing the same name, it seems that the algorithm mistook the two, and attributed Lisa Spencer who had the weight loss to the more popular meteorologist Lisa Spencer.

The Lisa Spencer who lost weight has had one of the most impressive weight loss journeys of all.

According to the Special Olympics website, where Spencer talks about her weight loss journey, she lost over 140 pounds since starting her journey.

She wanted to lose weight because she found that her weight was hampering her ability to do the one thing she enjoyed above all else: showing horses.

To that end, she started going to the gym while keeping a focus on nutrition and water intake.

Through these three things, she ended up losing over 140 pounds.

That is a crazy amount of weight loss, not one achieved through fancy but through dedication and discipline, and worthy of a lot of respect.

Achieving such an amount of weight loss has made Spencer gain a newfound passion for health, and to that end, she has started working as a Special Olympics Health Messenger.

As a Special Olympics Health Messenger, she hopes to use her story to help inspire fellow athletes and people in her community to lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

She does so by working with and speaking to several groups about her health journey and lifestyle choices.

Lisa Spencer Diet And Workout Plan

As stated above, Lisa Spencer lost weight by working out at the gym and focusing on nutrition and water intake.

Though she hasn’t talked about what specific workout she did, she has stated that she went to the gym, so one can imagine her workouts were focused on those that happen at the gym.

The same can be said for her nutrition, as she hasn’t talked much about what specific nutrition she did, but given the fact that she lost over 140 pounds in two years, her diet must have been strict to bring out such results.

What is inspiring about Spencer is that she started her weight loss journey late in life, and to that end, one of the biggest takeaways from her weight loss journey is that it’s never too late to start at it.

How Did Lisa Spencer Lose Weight?

As for Lisa Spencer the meteorologist, she has never had a large weight loss story as far as the media knows.

Given that she has spent the majority of her career in the limelight, any large shifts in weight would be noticed by the public, especially her fans, but none has been talked about in the media.

In fact, Spencer is more famous for her various enterprises than anything with her weight.

For example, one of the most famous instances of trivia is the fact that she has a YouTube channel of science and weather lessons for both children and teachers to use so they can learn more about the weather.

Her passion for helping children extends further than her YouTube channel as she talks to thousands of school children every year to share her enthusiasm for the weather with them.

Aside from children, she also talks to make church and civic groups about the weather.

She is an active member of the community, especially in the church, and one of the ways she gives back to the community, aside from her knowledge of the weather, is through music.

She is an accomplished soloist in her church’s choir and is also a member of her church’s band, Rock of Ages.

Her love for children has led to her serving on The Last Minute Toy Store’s Board of Directors, where each year, they provide thousands of families with toys through donations from people in the community.

Her love for children sits right alongside her love of animals. She also volunteers for the local animal shelter, Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue.

She fosters dogs until the shelter can find forever homes for the dogs, and she has three dogs of her own, Lucy, Lyla, and Litzy.