Introducing Kang Han In Physical 100, Age Family And Net Worth

The falling career of the Korean bobsledder Kang Han is set to peak once again after two years of injury and a broken ankle, as Physical 100 hits last Tuesday.

Kang Han is a South Korean athlete, a bobsledder. Bobsleigh or bobsled is a team winter sport that involves making timed runs down narrow, twisting, banked, iced tracks in a gravity-powered sleigh.

Kang Han from Physical 100 is an athlete with a background in several sports. He started his career as a track and field athlete in 2010 at 12.

Later due to instability, he switched to Kabaddi in 2016 and featured in World Cup, and again pursued a career in bobsleigh in 2018. However, Kang Han continues to be an athlete.

In the Netflix original reality TV show “Physical Hundred,” one hundred contestants in top physical shape compete in a series of grueling challenges to claim the honor and cash reward as the last one standing.

According to the sources, Kang Han has a significant role on the TV show and has repeatedly said he wants to make history and win the show.

Moreover, the athlete lives a very private life and shares details with no sources, but as per analytics, he is an orphan raised in an orphanage in South Korea.

Age Of The Physical 100 Fame Athelet Kang Han

According to the International Bobsleigh & Skeleton Federation, Kang Han was born on 1998 January 1. He was born in South Korea and continues playing several sports in his home nation.

Today, the age of the multi-disciplinary sportsman is 25 years old.

Though Kang Han is young to play the sport at such a peak level, he has surpassed the problems and struggles.

And recently, after Netflix dropped its original show Physical 100, the young man gained a tremendous fan base. His Instagram followers have also hiked by more than 50k and reached 150k.

Although the athlete is 25, he looks much younger.

He is highly maintaining his body and lifestyle to sustain himself in the sports industry for longer.

Kang Han Family: Was He Raised In an Orphanage?

According to several reports, sources discovered that the young athlete was an orphan. Until 2020, the guy himself didn’t know who his parents were.

And albeit in 2022, he found out that his biological parents left him at the door of an Orphanage. Kang Han, the multi-disciplinary athlete, grew up there.

But, until today, Han has yet to disclose the name and location of the place. Kang Han even appeared in an episode of the show “Eye Contact” to share his childhood story without his parents.

However, the young star later disclosed that his motive was to meet his biological mother and father, his original parent, but later forfeited his action. 

But some of his fans and followers believe that Kang had to back off since his mother started a new family and divorced his father.

Kang Han’s mother lived a new and better life without knowing her first son’s existence. And she reportedly refused to appear on the show and sent a handwritten letter instead.

And sadly, the story of Han and his biological parents ended. Further details regarding his parents are still undisclosed, and researchers look forward to speculating on the available information to discover more.

Net Worth Of The Multi-Disciplinary Sportsman Kang Han

Till today, no reliable source has officially published the net worth details of the multi-disciplinary sportsman Kang Han. However, according to speculations, the athlete’s net worth is around $150k.

But the story wasn’t the same in 2019-2020 because he had a crucial injury and needed several surgeries, and his assets bottle was about to empty.

Thanks to his fans and followers, he was helped with money problems and rose to fame again. The young athlete thanked everyone.

Kang Han especially feels grateful towards actor Jung Woo Sung, who paid tens of thousands in surgery fees.

However, according to reports, Han’s net worth is set to grow tremendously after the success of Physical 100.