IRA: Who Was Tim Parry? How Did He Die? Everything To Know

Colin Parry, a leading figure in the World Peace movement, lost his son Tim Parry at age 12 in an Irish Republican Army (IRA) explosion.

The 1993 Irish Republican Army (IRA) explosion left more than fifty people injured and killed two innocent young victims on that unfateful day. One of the two deceased victims, 3-year-old Jonathan Ball, died at the scene.

The other, who was later identified as Tim Parry, died five days later. Tim’s parents, Colin and Wendy Parry have since worked to give meaning to their young son’s death and make him immortal in people’s memories.

IRA: Who Was Tim Parry?

Tim Parry is the deceased son of peace campaigners, Colin and Wendy Parry. He died at age 12 in an unfortunate bombing incident on March 20, 1993.

According to, Tim loved sailing and was involved in the Sea Scouts. He was an ardent Everton supporter and was an out-and-out extrovert who had a talent for making friends in a jiffy.

On September 1, his father and mother took to Twitter to pay a tribute to what would have been his 41st birthday.

The senior Parrys, who never misses remembering his precious child on his birthday, said they celebrated him by laying flowers on his grave instead of rejoicing as a family.

Meet Tim Parry Father Colin Parry & Family

The loss of a son is devastating news for any parent. The news most often than completely sends parents and family into deep oblivion.

But, Colin and Wendy Parry took a different path and channeled their grief into creating something meaningful and beneficial to the world.

The Parrys family dedicated their entire life to establishing and understanding peace. Tim’s father, Colin, and mother, Wendy, made a special Panorama documentary program, which took them to Northern Ireland.

There, the couple visited many organizations working for peace. They engaged with people affected by the war and established a charity called The Foundation in 1995.

Their main motive was to build and work for peace so that no other kid would meet Tim and Jonathan’s fate. Getting encouraged by the success of their exchange programs, Wendy pitched the idea of building a Peace Center.

The “Peace Center” was established on the seventh anniversary of the bombing; March 20, 2000. The foundation’s first program was the “Tim Parry Scholarship.”

The foundation also looked and provided assistance to GB-based victims of the Northern Ireland conflict. The organization’s an independent and non-aligned charity that works for peace.

The Parrys also have two other children named Dominic and Abbi. Tim’s grandfather was a former Chief Pett Officer in the Royal Navy.

Tim Parry Death Cause- How Did He Die?

Tim Parry died five days after an IRA bombing in Bridge Steet in Warrington as a result of head injuries he sustained in the blast.

Tim and the three-year-old Jonathan were the only two people killed in the incident.

On the morning of that unfateful day, Tim went to town to buy a pair of football shorts; however, fate had something else planned for him. He fell prey to the IRA bombing.